What is giving me horrible gas from these veggie burgers? (TMI)

Here is a list of ingredients from Morningstar Farms Grillers Original:

I had horrible gas from these last night. What ingredient is causing this?

Probably the soybeans, but it’s hard to know for sure. They’re also chock full of wheat gluten, so if you’re even slightly gluten intolerant, that could certainly do it. If you’re of Irish or Italian descent, there’s a very good chance (I’ve seen estimates upwards of 80%) that you have at least some level of gluten intolerance and may not know it.

Could be the onion powder. I know from painful experience that my body does not seem to digest onions very well, and onion powder seems to be worse from me than a having onion chunks in the food.

I am no longer vegetarian, but I was for many years.

The sad fact is that there are a lot of vegetable products, particularly the ones with good protein that can cause gas. It is very personally dependent as as well.

Beans and onions can both be the culprit, depending on your personal digestive traits, but you would probably know from experience because these are common ingredients in a lot of foods.

TVP is the first ingredient and that stuff was always a gut bomb for me. Anything with that in it was basically inedible for me due to calamitous gas. Regular soy never hurt me.

I have a wicked veggie burger recipe using tofu if you like.

If it’s the beans, would something like Beano help?