What is Jam Can curling?

In my extensive research of this sport, I have seen many references to “Jam Can Curling”, but no explanation whatsoever. Is anyone familiar with this?

I think it’s curling with improvised rocks made out of jam cans or something similar.

What is a “jam can”? Is this kind of curling a sport of its own? And how do they make these rocks?

A jam can is a can that jam comes in. A large can that has jam in it. Anyway, I think you fill the can with concrete and set some sort of handle into the concrete before it sets. Warning: I could be wrong

Oh, I see: So jam comes in cans in Canada? I never saw packaging of this sort here in the states…Thanks, Manduck, and perhaps someone here has played such a game?

Jam mostly comes in little jars, but you can get the cheap stuff in big cans. For large families, I guess

Yes, that’s the cheap stuff I was raised on. Check out the bulk-food store.

The sport was pretty common in the Canadian prairies years ago, though much less so now. Kids out on the farm couldn’t get real curling stones or make it to the curling rink in town, so they’d make their own when somebody had a little concrete to spare, and then curl on the river or the dugout (a man-made pond for water storage in dry weather). IIRC, it was always on a smaller scale than ‘real’ curling, so more manageable for little kids.