What is Jean Grey a Doctor of?

My sister and I have been watching a couple of the X-men movies and it got us thinking. What is Dr. Jean Grey a doctor of? Does she have a doctorate of the arts, is she a medical doctor, or what? I myself have read a good many of the comics myself and watched the cartoons and such, but I don’t know the answer. Anyone know the answer out there?

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So my then-10-year-old son and I are watching one of the X-Men movies and everytime one of the characters comes up, he would ask me “so Dad - what are his/her powers?!” because he couldn’t wait for the movie to play out.

When Jean Grey/Famke Janssen gets on the screen, he asks “what about her Dad - what are her powers?” and I replied “to be smoking hot, son”

…he just kinda looked at me and said “ew, Dad - yuk!”

He’s about 12 now - he does all the talking about hotties on the screen now. :wink:

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I think that was only in the movies. IIRC, Jean in the various Marvel continuities had a college-level education, but wasn’t a doctor of any kind, MD or PhD.

I do not read the book, but the [I assume] fanboys who write the wiki article on her do not mention.

Biology? Specializing in genetics? That I think would be the obvious choice if one were to go into a field studying mutations.

In the films, she is certainly portrayed as a physician, or at the very least the team medic.

The comic book character was never a doctor. That was only done for the movies. I don’t know why the movies did it that way, but my guess is they were having her fill in for the missing character of Hank McCoy (Beast) who didn’t show up on screen until the third movie. He was always the team’s resident scientist.

I think I recall reading that it was pretty much to give her something to do onscreen. Her psychic powers weren’t considered terribly interesting in a cinematic sense.

I call her Doctor Love. :smiley:

This thread made me want to watch X-Men movies and whenever I saw Jean Grey, I thought “to be smoking hot” because of you… teehee! That is a pretty super power.

That and I’ve decided that the only reason Colossus is there is to be a beefcake. He shows up for such a small part of X2 and he’s not wearing a shirt for any of it. Yum.

A-fucking-men to that sentiment! Although I do feel a bit like a cradle snatcher looking at him because he’s clearly barely 18.

Lust away. IMDb sez he turned 22 the year X2 came out.

Professor Xavier has IIRC a few doctorates. He does specialize in genetics and wrote a bestseller The Structure And Function Of X on mutation. CITE- Marvel Year In Review (I forget which year).

He’s 22? Hooray, I can wank over him without guilt now! :smiley:

Hoo-ray! He’s actually my age(ish).

Now I just have to get over feeling dirty about thinking Harry Potter was pretty foxy in the last few installments…


With great power, comes great responsibility. Provided they’re of legal age. ;):smiley: