What is meant by "intelligible incorporeal?"

And is the term associated with any philosophers or other thinkers?
Please explain as much as you can.

I’m assuming you don’t just want dictionary definitions of those two words, but I have no idea what you are looking for. Could you elaborate a bit on whence this question arises? Some context would help me (and, hopefully the smart dopers, too).

from Toronto. He defined them as ideas that have a reality and to which we relate (sort of). I didn’t quite get it. He says that, for example, when we drive, there are the cars, the street and the law. the law is something that is not a physical body, but it is real. i.e, an incorporeal intelligible oras I mistakenly called it, an intelligible incorporeal. The law is a real as any physical object even though it is not physical (corporeal).
I found a website that mentioned the idea related to Plato. but that is all.