What is mineral oil?

What mineral(s) is(are) used to make mineral oil? Are there different grades? I have some Jasco Butcher Block Oil that is food grade. Are there types that are not food grade?

Mineral just means it comes from petroleum rather than a plant or animal source and food grade is just a level of purity. I suppose baby oil may not be food grade as it has scent added to it.
… to cover the smell of the poopy diapers when they pump the babies into the oil refinery. :smiley:

Thanks Padeye. I suspected petroleum might be involved. Can’t live with it. Can’t life without it. :smiley:

Mineral oil is a general term used for a range of different hydrocarbon fractions obtained from crude oil.

The oil is usually a heavy paraffinic hydrocarbon fraction. Long straight chain hydrocarbons. Baby oil is probably also clarified over activated carbon.

Vegetable oils, on the other hand, are long chain fatty acids. They have oxygen groups in them.

I was scared to poop when I was a young lass. Me thinks I was stuck in Freud’s anal stage of pyscho sexual development or some shit…
but because of this, I was constipated a lot… and I had to take the mineral oil every evening to keep things from clogging up.
foul stuff. gagorrific. absolutely rugged.

MissBungle - r u confusing Mineral Oil with castor Oil ?

Mineral oil works as a laxative not so much because it greases up the pipes, and God knows, we’re certainly getting enough animal and vegetable fats and grease in our diets, but because it’s an irritant to the bowels and makes them go all grumbly and “let’s move things along, there’s nothing here to see.”


What, we can’t drink petroleum oils!? <puts down glass of 10-40W>