What is my barber doing to my hair?

Usually my barber will cut my hair with the usual scissors. But occasionally (including today), he’ll use a razor-looking device to cut it. I believe I heard the term ‘sculpting’ once. It feels like it’s pulling at your hair and can be a little painful. I was wondering what the device is, and why it is used.

Any by the way, when I said ‘razor’ I meant the old fashioned razors that look a little like pocket knifes but with one sharp end, that barbers used to use to shave men. Not electric razors or razors men now use to shave their own beards.

Did it not cut your hair completely? I think I’ve had that used on me, where it just cuts some of the hair and it doesn’t look like normal scissors…

Gettin’ a mullet are we?
Wait a few secs for the babe.

Nope, no mullet for me. And I’m not sure what you mean by “cutting it completely”, BrandonR.

It’s a razor comb, and it’s used to trim the ends of hair to uneven lengths, giving it a layered appearance. Looks like a little comb, has about half-inch teeth, and a razor on the inside. And yes, they do pull–worse when they’re dull.

Thanks, False_God. That’s definitely it!

Yeah, layered look. Mullet.
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I’m actually doing the Noel Redding look, mangeorge. (Actually not).

Heh. I call that a “mane knife” and use it to trim my horses mane.

When you use it on a person, the technique is called “razoring.”

How appropriate. :wink:

Horses have mullets?