What is my computer doing???

Okay the PC is new to me. The C drive was almost empty. I had the processer replaced. I installed microsoft word. Still no problems. Later that day I’m typing.Then when I’m not looking…
My C drive is full???
I did a disk cleanup.
Complete virus scan. (nothing)
Frees up a fraction of the space I once had.
Did Mocrosoft word do this?
Wait it happened again!!! While I’m online! C drive is full.
Okay disk cleanup again. okay a little space is back.
I need my space! Does anyone know if there is any solution or explanation as to why its getting all sucked up?:confused:

If you surf the net quite a bit, your Temporary Internet Files folder may be full of junk. You can empty this by opening Internet Explorer and click on Tools and then Internet Options. There you can empty the temp file folder.

Also, go under File Explorer and check each folder individually to see if you’ve collected a bunch of junk files you no longer need.

Well, since you’re using Windows, it’s always going to suck up, due to Windows’ intrinsic sucky nature. :wink:

Now, with the obligatory Microsoft joke out of the way, is it possible your computer simply doesn’t have a lot of disk space to begin with? How big is your hard drive, and how much space is MS Word taking up? MS Word is rather bloated in and of itself, so your problem could be as simple as installing a big progam on a small disk drive.

Assuming that’s not the problem, can you tell what file(s) is taking up all of your disk space? Look around your C: drive with Windows Explorer, and see if there’s a super-duper-big file sitting around somewhere like a digital Jabba the Hutt. If there is such a beast, its identity could be a clue to where your problem is.

Do a file search on . in the root directory, um I mean ‘folder’, searching all subfolders for files greater than, say, 20MB in size - this should give you some idea of the main culprits (don’t delete anything that’s in the \windows folder (or a subfolder of it), but consider uninstalling any application that has a folder(as a subfolder of Program Files) full of large files - if you do uninstall anything like this, always check to make sure that the uninstall has removed the folder.

If you use MS Access, compact your databases after use.

Also check the \WINDOWS\TEMP folder. When Windows and any applications are running, this is where the system holds any temporary files that are created.

Usually these files are cleaned up and deleted when the applications close and Windows shuts down. But often, app’s lock up, the system crashes, or there is a problem that causes some *.tmp files to be left behind.

I have seen quite a few \TEMP folders that were absolutely choked, simply because the regular user of the sytem was ignorant of the need to clean out this folder periodically.

All you need to do is highlight then delete any files that are in the folder. If any are currently being used by the system, a dialog box will flash up and prevent you from deleting those particular files.

Hopefully this helps your problem.

My advice would be that before deleting temporary files, sort them by date and don’t attempt to delete any dated today.

Did you run scandisk? (Or other disk utility like Norton Disk Doctor.)

In addition to checking your Internet temp. folders check to see what size limits you have on your browser’s disk cache and set it smaller (don’t confuse MBs and KBs.)

There’s also a registry entry that sets how low in space you can get before getting a warning (as well as turning it off, which is what I do). But the only way I know how to change that is via regedit which is not for novices.

Also make sure yer virus checker is up-to-date. There are some viruses that do this, especially some new one that is being spread through KaZaa (can’t remember its name).

Also make sure yer virus checker is up-to-date. There are some viruses that do this, especially some new one that is being spread through KaZaa (can’t remember its name).

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a new virus. A vast majority of the viruses in existance do this, and God only knows how many are out there.

Anyone see any problems with following the advice at this site, regarding cleaning out temp files:


Particularly removing “.tmp" and "~.*”


start:search:files or folders:search options:size (input 10 megs or more)

Should find large files for ya on modern windoz machines.

Is there an echo in here?