What is my honey doing to my bread? (literally)

It seems like it starts to crystallize or something when it sits on the bread for more than a couple of minutes. That is, as the honey sinks into the bread, the bread takes on an almost “stale” consistency.

I have been wondering about this for years. God knows typing “honey bread stale” into Google yields about as much success as typing in “brown chair rocks”.

(I feel like noting this: if there is a layer of something else, i.e. peanut-butter, between the bread and honey, everything is fine.)

Is it any different than what happens when you leave jam or ketchup or something else with some liquid sitting on the bread for several minutes?
It’s hard to tell but it sounds like it’s just the bread soaking up some water from the honey and getting soggy. Peanut butter, being oily, doesn’t soak in the same way. Butter (dairy kind) likewise, of course, and the layer or either butter makes a good barrier to water.

Yo honey be eating it, sugar :slight_smile:

Er, actually I belive it’s the sugar in the honey crystallising. When you spread honey thinly, the water in it soaks into the bread and/or evaporates, making the sugar crystallise.

I find that spreading a thin layer of butter on the bread first stops it from happening - I assume because it stops the water from soaking in.

Hmm, beaten to it. Try the butter thing though, it really works. Tastes nicer, too.

No, I know what LilShieste means. This used to happen to my PB & honey sandwiches as a kid. I always liked it, but to each his own. And it is different from the ketchup/jam thing.

What I think is that the moisture in the honey is not only soaked up by the bread, it then evaporates from the surface, allowing the honey to begin to solidify and crystalize like it would if you left a jar in the back of the cupboard for a long time. That’s why a layer of PB or butter or even jam (yuck!) will prevent it from happening.

I don’t know about you, but my honey spends my bread as soon as I bring home the check.