What is my router doing?

Sometimes certain sites just crap out, but it’s usually just one at a time, and it’s usually something I access frequently. For instance, my email provider will stop working (on any protocol…SMTP, IMAP & HTTP), but every other site I try is working fine. I’ll then reboot my router and access to the site will return. Is there some sort of cache that gets screwed up? It’s a Linksys Wireless-B router.

Have you tried to do a tracert or simply ping the site you are trying to get to? If so, what were the results?

My guess is it isn’t your Linksys box but probably something with your ISP. You aren’t actually routing but most likely simply using a default gateway setup which simply forwards the packets it doesn’t know what to do with to the next hop (passing the buck so to speak to the ISP’s gateway router…which IS routing most likely). Sometimes these problems have to do with resolving addresses if the DNS server is on a slow link…that’s why I’d try to ping the URL and see if it resolves at all…and if it does, if the ICMP packets get through and at what rate.


One thing that happens to me is that occasionally my ISP’s DNS server will stop working or become unreachable, but my network connection is still working. Which means that any sites with cached DNS lookups continue to work fine, but new sites that aren’t in the cache fail. The fix for me (on comcast) is usually to go to my router’s admin page, release/renew the routers DHCP lease, and try again. Sometimes I get a different DNS server address back, in which case the reason it worked is fairly obvious, and sometimes I get the same address back and it works anyway, which is somewhat puzzling.