What is my wi-fi password??

My husband got me the Kindle I’ve been hinting about for an early Christmas present. SQUEEE! So I’m trying to set it up, and it seems it must connect via wi-fi even though it’s plugged into my computer via USB.
Well, I typed what I thought was my network password, but it didn’t work. So I tried my alternate password, but that didn’t work either. What do I do now? I’ve set up two laptops on this network but I don’t remember how I did it. Is there somewhere I can find the password? Is it my own made-up password or some number I was assigned? I dimly remember having had this problem once before and I ended up making a whole new network but I’m not sure how I did that either.

Help? (And yes, I’m stupid. Please feel free to make fun of me openly.)

Check the network setup on your laptops. Some of them will give you the option to see the characters on the password screen. If that fails, you’re probably going to have to reset your router.

Um, how do I do that?

What brand router? You may want to Google for specifics, such as the IP address and the default administrative password.

Do you have your own wireless router, or was it provided by the ISP?

It’s a Linksys dual band wireless N router.

Edit: Some progress! Kindle says to connect without a password, I need to push the WPS button on my router. I didn’t see any such button. The only button is the one on the front that I push when the internet isn’t working; it has sort of a recycling symbol on it.

That will not be the password needed to connect to the wifi, though.

OK, assuming you have a windows machine that has internet access now:

  1. open a command prompt on the computer that is currently able to get online. (usually Start>run>type CMD)
    2)type in “IPCONFIG” with out the quotes
  2. look for the default gateway. This is most likely either going to be or
  3. once you have that gateway number, open a browser window and type that number in the address bar (where you would type in a URL)
  4. it should take you to the login page for your router.
  5. log in, probably username will be “admin” and the password will be “admin” or maybe blank… you may have to Google your router model to see what the defaults are. If someone reset the username and/or password you may have to reset the router back to factory defaults.
  6. if you log in successfully, look for your wireless settings/security settings. Somewhere in there it will have your password. You may have to poke around for a bit, be sure not to change anything! If you find the password, but it’s all dots or asterixes, there should be an option on that page that says something along the lines of “show password”.

That should do it, if you don’t run into any issues…

My suggestion is still the easiest, I think.

Get your wifi-enabled laptops. Assuming you’re running Windows, look in the system tray/notification area (where the clock is). Point at each icon until you find one that has something to do with your wireless connection. Click, double click, or right click on it until it opens up the control app for your wireless connection, then look for a screen that has your security settings for your wifi. Look for a check box that says something like “hide characters” or “show characters.”

Probably. But my post makes me sound like I know what I’m doing… :stuck_out_tongue:

That doesn’t happen too often.

Holy crap, I think I got it! I pushed the recycle button and it seems to have worked, so I suppose that was the famed WPS button.

Also, thank you, Astroboy for assuming I would have no clue how to do a command prompt and spelling it out. You were right!

A small gripe: with all the old people using technology these days, you’d think things would be easier to understand! HMPH!

Very useful information. I’ve c & p’ed it for myself because I often can’t remember the password when someone is visiting and wants to use my WiFi. Thanks, although the advice wasn’t meant for me.