What is New York style Corned beef/pastrami? Can I make it at home?

Just wondering.

Corned beef is cured and pastrami is smoked. They’re both readily available at any reputable deli. But if you have a smokehouse at home, go nuts.

It’s brisket, brined and cooked. Pastrami is corned beef that’s smoked, and seasoned with pepper, paprika, and some other spices.

There is a Good Eats episode on making your own corned beef. I think it was posted on the boards in another corned beef thread.

Here is the link for part one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4gIqbYAf_E

Actually what i meant was, is it served any special way? With au jus? Something else?

It’s served on sandwiches. Anything else is anathema.

A pastrami sandwich is just pastrami, sliced thin and piled high, on bread - usually rye. The only acceptable condiment is mustard.

Corned beef is the chief ingredient in a Reuben, which is a grilled sandwich made with sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and dressing (Russian or Thousand Island), also on rye bread.

There is a variation (sometimes called a Rachel) that substitutes pastrami for corned beef and cole slaw for sauerkraut.

Are we talking coned beef here or pastrami? Because nothing beats homemade corned beef hash.