What is Olyphant Eating in this Video?

It looks like some sort of lightly brined olive, but he specifically said it’s not an olive.
What is it?
Video of Timothy Olyphant talking to Seth Myers, while eating a whats-it.

Well he might’ve said that but that sure as hell looks like an olive to me, and the way he held his mouth eating it says it was something savory/sour so what else is it likely to be anyway? I think he’s just fuckin’ with everyone. :wink:

Caper berry?

Ginkgo bean?

Ginkgos got beans? I thought they were too primitive a tree to make fruit–they have great leaves though.

Looks like a Thompson seedless green grape to me. Right color, shape and size.

It’s a little weird to eat them with a toothpick though.

Maybe a frozen grape? The toothpick might make a little more sense if it’s frozen with the toothpick already in place.

But it would be extremely weird for him to say “they’re not olives, but they’re so delicious…” if they were grapes. It also looks like he handles it like he pulled it out of a jar of liquid. Like he’s getting the potential drops to fall off.

It is something olive-like, or he’s mistaken about it not being an olive.

Maybe they’re pickled grapes.

Those sound good!

Makes sense. Sure looks like a grape.

I watched this on the television and thought it might be a pickled tomatillo, but seeing it on YouTube, the thing does look more like a grape (whether pickled or not).

He has a FB page, maybe someone with an account could friend him and ask him there?

I loaded the question. But he hasn’t updated the account but once since 2016.

nocellara olives I’d guess, they get big and bright green

He pulled it out of a short-ish glass that had another mystery garnish and a cocktail.

Ah, I didn’t see that it came from his cocktail.