What is slightly wrong with my dachshund?

We will take her to the vet if she shows the problem again. Until then, I’m just curious. It does not seem to be serious. I hope.

I guess you’ll need a little background first. Her name is Millie, she’s a couple years old black and tan miniature short-haired dachshund for the most part. She’s a little weird looking, I think she might have some other type of dog back in her lineage. But for all intents and purposes, she’s a dachshund.

She had hiney problems for most of her life. Her anal glands would get very full very fast, and I got sick of excreting them and making her hate me for a few hours and getting bitten and stink to death and all that jazz. After much deliberation and suffering on Millie’s part, we had her anal glands removed. Much joy now, she doesn’t leave streaks, rarely scoots, rarely gets completely panicky about her butt region, etc. Also, she has borderline Cushing’s disease or something like that. The vet takes bloodwork regularly but after a few years of being on the pill, there was basically no change in her behavior (she never acted weird due to it), and so we took her off of it with the vet’s advice. She seems fine, no excess drinking or eating outside of the psychoticness from her being abused when a puppy (we rescued her from that house). Every 6 months or so we have the vet check her blood to see if we need to put her on the pill again.

She eats Science Diet kibble, a variety of diet and mini-nibbles (we have a chihuahua and he can barely eat the normal-sized kibble, so he thinks). It’s pretty dry, yes. She has trouble pooping sometimes, what with the anal glands gone, but it doesn’t seem to really hurt her. And it’s so funny to see her run away at top waddling speed from her lawn ornaments. But anyway.

A few days ago we noticed she had peed on the papers but left a few drops of blood both in the pee puddle (she pees like a lumberjack) and in a few drips from where she walked off. This obviously concerned us, but she seemed very very excited and happy, and is in no pain. We thought maybe she just had a hard poop and it tore a little something, or was simply a little odd anal leakage, but now we can tell it was just from peeing (before, we only got to it after it dried and was brown, and we were hoping it wasn’t blood). She’s stopped for now, but we don’t know if it will start up again. If it does, she goes to the vet.

Now what I want to know is what might this be? She’s been hyperactive and happy like never before these last several days, playing a lot, bouncing around, all sorts of weird things for her. Isn’t that a sign of a dog going into heat? Blood in the urine, hyperactivity? But she was spayed as soon as possible (albeit it looked rather shoddily done comparing her scar to the other dachshund’s scar, as hers is very lumpy under the surface and jagged, and it was a middle-of-nowhere vet that we had to use since we were on vacation). It’s never a lot of blood, maybe just 3 or 5 drops, but she’s not drinking more or less than normal. So I don’t know what it could be, really.

If we do go to the vet about it, should we bring a potty paper she’s dribbled on? Is it possible it could be a parasite of some sort? I would guess that if she was badly sick with some bladder or kidney problem, she’d show some pain when prodded, or have problems going to the bathroom, right? 'Cause she’s having no problems whatsoever. I’m sorry this is really rambly, but I’m worried not only about what is wrong with her, but if it might be something communicable and hurt the other two dogs as well.

Take her to the vet. Blood in the urine could be a sign of a urinary infection, it could mean she has bladder stones, it could indicate kidney disease, and in some cases can even be a symptom of a tick-borne disease.

In any case, take her in, have her evaluated, and go from there. I would not suggest waiting to see if it happens again.