What is so bad about the YBA's?

There are alot of people around who feel that the YBA’s (Young British Artist’s) produce a load of crap.

What is it that makes YOU dislike them so? or indeed like them?

You know who I’m talking about, Tracey Emin, Marcus Quin, Damien Hirst, Jenny Saville, Gavin Turk… etc etc

I think the arguments against the YBA’s are fairly well - it’s gross (decomposing animal bodies), “inappropriately” provocative/offensive, if you think something in art can be that (Virgin Mary with dung), not particularly artistic in construction (an unmade bed with pyjamas and the names of lovers lying about), and the list goes on…

I am not saying I agree with these arguments, but what the arguments are are reasonably well known. The YBA’s - to the extent it is appropriate to discuss their actions in a general way - seem to pursue making statements in a difficult space, i.e., in a way that challenges their audiences or potential audiences - and in a way that those audiences may not want to be challenged when it comes to art.

Hmph. Art shouldn’t have a punch line…