What is so hilarious about a little kid's butt?

Remember that old Coppertone ad with the little girl holding the towel over herself, and the dog pulling it away so that her butt-crack was visible (and also her tan line)? How many times has the Family Circus shown such a thing? Now you can order a mug from the For Better or For Worse site that has the motto “Bottoms up!” and a drawing of April, when she was smaller, clutching a teddy bear with her huge bubble butt stuck in the air. All of these images are guaranteed to make people, older women especially, squeal and giggle and say, “That is soooooooo cute!”

What is so cute, or funny, about that? When I was a kid, I would go to any length to avoid exposing anything on myself that a swimsuit would cover. In fact, I didn’t even like being seen in a swimsuit*. What is it about child nudity? I think it’s horribly demeaning.

*Once, when I was six or so, my mom wanted me to streak a family gathering. I refused. She denied me something, dessert or TV privleges, but I still didn’t do it. My dignity is/was worth a lot more than a dish of ice cream.

Is it the same type of crud as puppies and pussies?

I dunno, when my son is running around naked, it’s nothing special until I get a shot of him from behind. That butt! It’s just such a cute little scaled-down unflabby version of a grown-up butt. I can’t explain why it’s cuter than, say, a foot, but I get the giggles every time.

Actually, his little scrotum is a hoot, too, but my husband made me stop laughing at that.

In a similar vein, I love puppy butts – so soft and fuzzy, and they just fit in your hand. I have one running around my house right now. Awwwwwww!!

Welllll…there’s probably as many answers to this as there are people, but one possibility may be a nostalgic yearning for when we ourselves weren’t so encumbered by social mores that we had the psychological freedom to run around equally unfettered by shame…it’s a vicarious experience of sorts.

When it’s forced, I agree with you; in fact, I’d go so far as to consider it abusive (shame on Mom!). When it’s allowed, however, I think there are few things more liberating and healthy for a child’s upbringing. It’s too bad we as a society have such a problem with it.

Babies are ugly.

Only if you think Winston Churchill was ugly.

…um, never mind…

In my mind, I kind of put this in the same category as those posters of little children kissing that used to be all the rage a few years ago. I’m not going to start up on this big “sexualization of children” rant, but something about those posters just made me kind of uneasy–I guess I just don’t like to see three year olds smooching each other.

I don’t get the butt thing either.

Good lord! You have a puppy butt running around your house?! That’s just sick.


OK, for the literal-minded, the rest of the puppy is attached to the butt. She’s happy and healthy. No puppies were harmed in the making of this post.

:: Scarlett resists the urge to mention Dr. Clayton Forrester’s Double-Butt Graft – "I grafted the butt of a dog onto the butt of a cat! They all laughed . . . " Whoops, too late. ::

Winston Churchill was ugly, too.
But he taught a parrot how to swear. So that’s cool.

God yes they are absolutely vile those pictures. I really don’t understand the point of them, yet they seemed to appeal to all ages and genders. I can understand how my mother finds those babies-in-vegetables pics cute, though personally I can’t stand them. But little children kissing just bemused and irritated me.

Ask that psycho nut-job Ann Geddes. I seem to recall a pit thread about her a while back.

Dijon Warlock: That makes sense.

The Wrong Girl and istara: Yes, those pictures are disturbing.

Cranky: If it amuses you, okay. But are you taking blackmail shots? :wink:

My son and his butt

He is a typical boy, as far as I’m concerned.
He finds it amusing to moon people.
So far, only me and my parents, who think its a real hoot, but then, theyre in their 80’s.
If I asked him, he would probably moon strangers.
But I most certainly wouldn’t ask him to!

Yes, but in the morning, YOU’LL be sober!

[sub]…hang on, I screwed that up somehow…[/sub]

Kid’s butts are hysterical. Our little girl is potty training now, so she spends a lot of time naked. Watching her run from behind is just funny beyong words. And she does these sumo wrestlers stances that just crack us up.

I second The Wrong Girl on this one.

I don’t find pictures children kissing to be “sexualization”. Little kids show affection for each other, but that’s all it is. They just do what their parents do…kiss someone you love! But they are overdone to death. As far as baby butts go, I used to bite my son’s butt. It was just too cute! I dunno why…

“And if I was your husband Uke, I’d drink it.”
[sub]or something like that.[/sub]

Speaking as the grandfather of a 5-yr-old girl who spends a lot of time at our house, I don’t think her butt is terrribly funny, it’s just that she herself acts so silly when she’s ‘nekkie’. She knows there’s something ‘naughty’ going on there, but she hasn’t figured out that she’s supposed to be ashamed of her body yet.
And we’re not gonna tell her. Society will squash her soon enough.

Anyway, I think it’s a mixture of the “laughing at someone else’s supposed embarrasment” kind of funny, mixed with envy of the innocence that can ignore the societal strictures we bind ourselves in as we get older…

Did that make any sense?