What is soooo evil about being a liberal?

Disclaimer I don’t really consider myself as liberal, but more centrist, so don’t flame me. :smiley:

I hear people use the word “liberal” as if it is the worst on thing on earth. Why?

I think it’s the Satan worship. Either that, or the cannabalism.

Hey, if you think it’s bad now, take a look at the Eighties. I’ll never forget the Bloom County storyline in which Opus goes before a Congressional committee to answer charges that he is a liberal, and comes home with the “liberal” label (with related phrases such as “loony left”) literally slapped all over him.

You think that’s gonna protect you? As if.

Modern liberals are not ‘evil’ per se; Just stupid and naive.

Ok, then why are they stupid and naive?

Depends on the person, I’d say.

Geez, this sounds like a class slur to me. All liberals?

Wouldn’t this be a personal opinion, Themis00? I’m guessing that, unless you want as many answers as there are posts, that you would get as much from asking such a broad question. The same would occur if, perhaps, I asked, “What’s the big deal with, uh, all those Republicans, who dig Bush among other things?”.

I suppose it depends on who you’re listening to. At many colleges, the word “conservative” is considered slightly worse than “axe murderer”.

A ‘class slur’? :rolleyes:

I reiterate: Modern liberals are stupid and naive.

I guess that’d make you a bigot, then.

Well, you know how it is, Brutus. It’s all us liberals down here in the trenches with the common, working man while you conservatives sit up on the hill looking all hoity-toity and sipping iced tea.

Please, Ace, don’t try to help.

You are doing an incredible job at demonstrating my point.

As opposed to, say, a classical liberal or some such? Define “Modern liberal”, if you wouldn’t mind.

And, just how are “Modern liberals” stupid and/or naive?

you got some evidence for the stupid and naive comment, or are you just insulting to compensate for low self esteem.

By which you must mean that the slur of “stupid and naive” which you apple to all modern liberals applies to me.

Just what makes one a “modern liberal”? Is Ghandi a "modern liberal? Do you really consider Ghandi to be stupid and naive?

Tars, you know what they say, Never attribute to malice what you can attribute to stupidity.

Ace. Arrgghhh.Look here.

Plenty, but wouldn’t it just be easier to grab a copy of the NYT?
Fine…Here are some of the reasons that I find modern liberals to be stupid and naive:

  1. They cry about the (false) lack of international support for invading Iraq. We don’t need, can’t really use it, can’t get it even if offered, and already have what little is actually of use to us (in terms of bases in the region.)

  2. They support gun control.

  3. They want stupid and ineffective social programs.

  4. They want to raise my taxes to pay for their stupid and ineffective social programs.

  5. They buy into psuedo-science regarding the environment, and get their panties in a bunch when the rest of don’t do the same.

  6. ‘Roll over and die’ is their MO when it comes to dealing with international crisis.

  7. They support infanticide.

  8. They, knowingly or not, are supporting a fabianesque creep towards socialism.

  9. When in doubt, they cry ‘Racism!’ first, and ask questions later, if at all.

  10. Bill Clinton is their hero.

I’m begining to suspect that Brutus is stupid and naive. Either that or his wife left him for a liberal.