What is "stat" (E.R.)

Ok I know what they (ER staff) mean when they say “Stat”. But is it an acronym ?(S.T.A.T.) If so what in the HEdouble-hockey-sticks does it stand for?

Or is it an abreviated word (although I couldn’t imagine what it would be short for)…:confused:

From the latin Statim, or immediatly

“Stat” is short for the the Latin statim, “immediately.”

I was always under the impression that it was derived from status epilepticus, acute continued uncontrolled seizure activity, often just referred to as “status”. When a patient is in status, you have to get the seizures stopped NOW. That means any drugs or equipment you need, you need right then. It takes too long to say “right now, because this patient is status.”

Of course, my impression may be totally wrong.

Oh ok thanks…

I always wondered, especially when * watching* ER…

Here is a web page that explains “stat” and a lot of other terminology used on ER: