What is "Take A Picture" by Filter about?

I think it something to do with invasion of privacy by the press, but I’m not sure. The lyrics are here (You may have to scroll down)

Any other theories?

I heard that it was about the lead singer having a fantasy of masturbating publicly on an airplane.

I can’t remember where I heard it though.

My friend heard pretty much the exact same thing said by the lead singer in an interview on Much Music. I think he said either masturbating or running around naked. I’ve since listened to song and…it really seems to fit the lyrics. I don’t think my friend was pulling my chain, and now I’ve heard it elsewhere. Sounds like the response the band gives to the question, anyway.

God. I’ll never be able to listen to that song and enjoy it again.

Glad I previewed, because I was going to say that I had heard a DJ give this long, detailed explanation that the song was about the relationship between the singer/writer and his long-absent father. I don’t know where she got THAT info :smiley: