What is that Propel Fitness Water theme song?

I’ve seen it tons of times. Its where the people drop out of a water bottle in a water drop. When they hit the ground they start doing some kind of activity.
Whats the song playing in the background? Its infectious!

It’s a song? I thought it was the “sound” of some sort of ball being hit with a paddle or racket. Maybe there are instuments and I just never noticed them over the sound effects.

It’s by Zooey, from the album No Watches, No Maps, and the song is called “111.1”.

Is that the song you mean? I’ll see if I can look it up on Amazon…

Here’s the Amazon link, if you want to hear a sound clip. It’s the only song I’ve ever heard in those Propel commercials. Hope that helps.

Argh. Sorry for the triple-post, but I didn’t make it clear in my first post: No Watches, No Maps is a compilation album, not Zooey’s album. I do not know which album of his it comes from, if any. He’s a guy from France. That’s about all I know about him. And he makes some pretty music.

Anyway. I suppose you would have figured that out just fine by following my Amazon link. But still. I just borrowed my BIL’s CD. :smack:

omg, thats the song, I LOVE IT SOO MUCH. I think I could listen to it for the rest of my life.
Thanks guys

And this is precisely why I love this place. I never would have thought to ask such a question (I like the song, but figured it was something written just for Propel), but now I find someone has asked it, and had it promptly answered, and with a link. :cool:

This one alone was worth the $7.50.

that is precisely why I love this forum. Its worth every penny I pay for membership.