What is the average elevation of land above sea level?

The average depth of the oceans is about 3.75 kilometers. What is the average height of land above sea level?

840 meters.

Follow up question. What is the average height of populated land above sea level?

PDF of a densely written paper from 1998, using 1994 statistics, where the median (that is, half the people lived above, half below) person lived at 194 m above MSL. We have an extra billion plus since the stats were compiled, depending on where they wound up the line may have had significant shift. No luck searching for an average number so far.

That’s 2756 feet for us non-metric folks…and rather higher than I would have guessed.

First we need to define “populated land”. I don’t think that will be easy. But I’m certain that it will be much, much lower than the ‘overall’ average, since 23% of the world’s population lives less than 100 meters above sea level