What is the backwards compatibility of the PS3

I have a PS2 and a Roku Box and a PS3 that has built in wifi could do the job of both. Used PS3s go for about $220 on craigslist and I can probably get $130 for the Roku and PS2. So I have questions about the PS3 backwards compatibility with PS2 games.

Which models of PS3 (60GB, 20GB, 80GB, 160GB) are best for PS2 compatibility? My understanding is the 20GB and 60GB models work best, and all the later models either had choppy or no BC due to using emulators.

Will controllers for guitar hero made for the PS2 work on the PS3?


Here’s a good chart detailing the various PS3 models and their backwards compatibility capabilities.

You have to buy a PS2-to-PS3 adapter, but yes, they will.

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