What is the best dedicated forum for discussion of "Apollo moon landing hoax"?

I want to do some reading about whether or not the moon landings were faked. I’m looking for a forum which broadly supports the idea that the landings were hoaxed.

Can anyone give me a lead on the best forums for this issue?

All the best.

It’s definitely taking longer than we thought.

The SDMB is dedicated to fighting ignorance, and silly stuff like the moon landings being faked is one of the things that we fight against. To put it in perspective, asking here for where people might discuss the moon landing hoax is a lot like going to a vegan forum and asking them where people discuss the best ways to grill steak. You’re pretty much asking the opposite of what this site is all about.

The best suggestion I have for you is to google moon landing hoax and see where that gets you.

You won’t find much support for that here, since with 30000+ in house employees when the landings happened, by now, someone would have said something if there was some kind of hoax.

There is also plenty of pictures out there of the descent stage, the rover, etc. still left on the moon. Many of those have been taken recently and can be taken again from any sufficiently powered telescope. Pretty sure there are even high end hobbyist models that can pull it off.

Really? Seeing the Apollo landing site from a telescope on Earth actually sounds slightly cool. How powerful a telescope do you need?

Actually, Sky & Telescope says you can’t see the Apollo landing sites from Earth, not even from the Hubble Space Telescope.


I’ll save you a lot of time, effort and frustration:

They weren’t.

Now you can get on with your life. You’re welcome.

Last time I trolled, I caught a 16" bass.

The forums at ApolloHoax.net were at one point a forum which broadly supported the idea that the landings were a hoax. Eventually, they realized that the landings weren’t hoaxed (because, they weren’t, duh) and became a debunking forum. These days it’s mostly dead over there, but if you are looking for a dedicated apollo hoax forum, that’s the closest I’ve seen.

I don’t know much about these sites, but seeing as no-one has offered a better answer yet…

If I did want to visit Moon Hoax sites, I might start with an anti- Moon-Hoax site (like Phil Plait’s ‘Bad Astronomy’), and see if he lists such sites in his citations (as he refutes them).

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You want us to deliberately tell you where to get bad information?


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I’m really hoping with a username of socratic that he is planning on questioning everyone on the hoax forum.

Moon Base Clavius, www.Clavius.org has all the arguments about the moon landings being hoaxed. It also absolutely debunks all of them.

If you wish to indulge yourself in the conspiracy theorist’s conceit there are plenty of sites of bottomless ignorance to be found with a quick Google.

There are endless real travesties and deceipts in the world to be upset about without needing to indulge in ridiculous ignorant crap.

OK thanks

Can you tell us the reason for your search for information that has been so widely debunked?

I just want to read about the theory myself and discuss the matter with people who are convinced that it was not real. I asked this question because there is a lot of nonsense sites out there and I wanted pointers on the best of perhaps a bad bunch.

OK cheers.

There is no “best” of a bad bunch. Anyone who starts with “broad support” of the idea of a hoax is starting in the wrong place and getting progressively more lost from there.

Alex Jones, aka infowars.com is the bull goose loony of all things conspiratorial. If you want a good start on Moon Landing Hoax, look him up. He’ll also fill you in on how some school mass murders never happened. He’ll explain how every terrorist tragedy is a “false flag” scheme, unless it was a hoax that never happened.

He’s entertaining, if you like that kind of thing.