What is the best multi-day train trip now available?

There’s the Trans-Siberian Railway, Beijing to Moscow, takes seven days I think. I knew a guy who rode that. Sounded uncomfortable, but he enjoyed it.

For true luxury, there’s the Eastern & Oriental Express between Bangkok and Singapore. (Actually, I think it goes as far north as Chiang Mai.) Too rich for my blood. And I don’t even know if it’s running anymore, as Covid has shut down a lot of Southeast Asia.

I have bee on three train trips in Africa, of 40-50 hours.
– Dakar - Bamako
–Wadi Halfa - Khartoum
–Kigoma - Dar es Salaam

None of them are trips that anyone would do for fun. I rode on them on the 70’s, and it is possible that they have been improved, but I wouldn’t bet on it. First-class may be OK if the carriages have been well-maintained. Of course, I rode 3rd-class, on hard wooden bench seats.

Dakar-Bamako would be a nice trip, if you had any comforts. There were several treasured memories from that trip. It was the trip you get a true sense of Africa. But those comforts might insulate you from the true adventure.

I did the Trans-Mongolian, not non stop. But, although i had “first class” cabin. It was not a luxury experience by any means. Just a private compartment with a little better bedding. Bring some food with you.

Or there’s the Rovos Rail Cape Town-Vic Falls 7-day trip.

In 1987 I traveled by train from Juarez to Mexico City, then back again later. That was 36 hours each way. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I was in the sit-up seats, but they did have sleepers. Whenever we stopped for a while at a station and passengers got off to stretch their legs, I would chat with this fellow American who had one, and he seemed to like it just fine.

‘Hotels on rails’: Plans for new network of European sleeper trains unveiled

Heh. When I was traveling around Europe in '86, I spoke with a fellow traveler who had a Eurail Pass and used it to sleep every night on a train. He zigzagged between northern and southern Europe, spending a day at a destination before climbing aboard another train to snooze away the night. I guess he did not mind sleeping sitting up each night. Ah, to be young again.


Just the thing for a train trip in chilly November?: PULLMAN BLANKET | Victorian Trading Co.

This train sounds amazing.

That reminds me of Japan’s Shiki-Shima train. If you watch the Amazon series James May, Our Man in Japan, May rides it in one of the episodes (where he makes a major faux pas in the dining car).

Yes, I mentioned that one earlier this thread but did not have a link. You need some deep pockets for that though.

I can dream… :smiley: