What is the best news magazine?

I need to find a good news magazine. TV news is not going to cut it. I want to know about events that do not fit in a 10 second report. I want to be informed of national (USA) and international events. Yet so many news magazines are very biased or full of pop culture trash. I don’t want to read about the latest singing teen diva. I don’t want to read only the right or the left.
Help me find a balanced news magazine please.
What have you read that seemed good to you?

The Economist.

It’s published in Britain, and has a notable free-trade slant. Everything else is peachy keen.

The Week is very good, and offers much more international news than Newsweek, Time, US New & World Report, et al.

I second the Economist. They pack in a huge amount of information every week with a lot of relatively brief articles. But they mix it up with in-depth “surveys” every few weeks which are more detailed than anything you are likely to see in a US newsmagazine. So they have a good combination of breadth and depth.

The Atlantic Monthly.

I like The Economist, too.

Thanks for the suggestions.
I will try the Atlantic Monthly. I have not read it in a long while.
I do not know much about the Economist. I will look into it.

Blueapple, my question was prompted by my disapointment in The Week. Far too much opinion and not enough news. Each article had a slant and often sounded mean and snobbish. Almost every person that was a subject of an article was blasted with putdowns and called names. I was very unhappy with that magazine!