What is the best way to build abs into a nice six pack?

Its hard doing crunches all the time…
Is there a better, not to mention safer and healthier way to building abdomonals??


  1. Grasp bottle firmly with opposite hand. (Note: opposite hand refers to the hand you don’t write with.)

  2. Grasp church key firmly with writing hand; insert bottle top under flange and pull key upward.

  3. Pull bottle top off neck. Tilt bottle into mouth; imbibe until empty.

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 five times.

That ought to do you.

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Your abs are very easy to build up. Most people carry too much weight in their midsection so they don’t show.

Lose fat. This means a lot of running and aerobics.

I have a 4 pack but you can’t quite see that 6 pack as I carry too much weight there. I have all my life.

I try lot of diets but nothing worked. [Atkins worked best for me for losing fat]

Sometimes your body type won’t permit a six pack unless you get surgery or are a holocaust victim

Olentzero – He said he wanted to build a six pack, not a keg :wink:

Markxxx has it right. Fat is probably your problem not muscle. Running, biking or swimming is good but you have to push yourself. Try raquetball (for instance) instead. Worked for me. Along with Dr. Bob Arnots diet plan. Both of his current books are exellent.

As is my spelling. Grrr…