What is the best World Cup site ?

The only one that I have found that I like is this one

Here’s the official FIFA site.

TV sites:

The BBC World Cup site. The BBC will also be streaming games live on their website.

ITV’s site. (UK)

CNN’s site. (US)

CBS’s site. (US)

Fox’s site. (US)
Newspaper sites:

The Guardian’s site. (UK)

The Time’s site. (UK)

Only to addresses in the UK, it should be noted. Expect to see this part of the internet go into meltdown at 5pm on Thursday 15th as all us office workers attempt to watch England v. Trinidad & Tobago from our cubicles.

The best site for what? Are you following the whole thing or just one particular team? Do you want to discuss with other folks? Watch the games?

More specifics, please.

Why would any footy fan in England or T&T to still be in their cubicle at that point?

Shit, T&T declared the qualifying day a national holiday.

I’m not sure they have cubicles in T&T anyway.

To kill time until World Cup starts, I recommend going to youtube.com and doing a search on “ronaldinho”.

For a good precis of all the previous world cups the Guardian interactive guide (linked up there by SzLater) site is worthy of a shufty.

Check out http://www.worldcup365.com

Are there any sites that will stream games to America IP addresses?

Apparently ESPN360 has US English-language broadband rights and will show 52 games live.

I heard that ABC is going to show the Trinidad vs Sweden game on Saturday (10am, mountain time) Not sure I can trust that, so I’m looking for someone who has like channels, cable, satellite dishes and that kind of thing to be sure I can see it.

Ha! I was doing that very thing on that very site earlier today. Great minds think alike.

Follow it up with a search on “cruyff”.

I’m getting pretty psyched. I got my first bet placed (germany to win outright over costa rica at about 1-3 (that’s 1-3, not 3-1, and I lose on a draw)). And then I found out that Ballack isn’t playing.

Still, I got a clear day tomorrow. I’m set up to get home from work today with time left inthe first half of Poland-Ecuador.

Drinks are on Trunk.