What is the biggest event that is accepted by all conspiracy theorists at face value?

I have a conspiracy theory that most Flat Earthers are simply trolls.

Is there any significant, systematic doubt regarding the atomic theory of matter, i. e. the idea that matter is build up of some smallest element or another? It’s a notion that’s much harder to demonstrate than the existence of viruses or the Earth’s spherical nature or the fact that no, the moon isn’t a hologram, but I don’t recall anybody ever claiming that those championing the idea of atoms are all just in the pocket of Big Small…

No, Big Small is the nanotech mafia:

Jesus, read “the Jesus Factor”, by Edwin Corley. Premise is that a nuclear device won’t explode if it’s in motion, which a dropped bomb is. Very nice 1971 SF which explains what REALLY happened. I’m surprised some CT’er hasn’t seized upon it. Hmmm, perhaps I’ll get on that; is there any money in CT?


I can only wonder what exploded in Hiroshima and Nagasaki then. Probably a humongous dirty bomb, judging by the death toll and the radioactivity afterwards.
And yes, there must be big money in CTs, just like in cults and TV-preaching, but not everybody can do it. You have to be a special kind of con man. I couldn’t get away with it, but some people have a natural talent for that and they even seem to enjoy it, as far as I can tell.

If the Earth isn’t flat, why are maps flat? And now there is even a better one than before, says the New York Times, double sided even! And if it is paywalled, it is just part of the conspiracy, so beware!

If you know you couldn’t get away with it, well, that speaks to your humanity.

But really, read the book. All is revealed.


Dang, don’t spoil it for us!