What is the building shown at the end of Netflix's Maniac?

In the Netflix show Maniac, the final sequence shows a building that looks familiar but which I can’t place. The front features tall, white columns that flare at the top like inverted umbrellas. Anyone know the name and/or location of this building?

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Now as for the question … ive never seen it …

This one?


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Anyways, the building in the video is not familiar to me. It looks to me like a rental office space style building with a little extra flair, but not like something you’d really expect to see on the cover of an architecture magazine.

The show seems to have been shot around New York, so I would assume that it’s some building there, and possibly the OP has driven by it once or twice?

They reminded me of the interior ones Frank Lloyd Wright used in the Johnson Wax workroom

Thank you. When I saw it on screen I had the impression it was something I had seen before - something fairly well-known. Maybe that was just a mis-memory of the Johnson building.