What is the bump and what is the grind?

Bump and Grind.

I have heard the expression since I was a youngster.

I have seen exotic dancers do it. There’s even a new Fanta commercial
being played during Wimbledon Tennis coverage in which a bunch of young
ladies do a teeny-bopper rendition of it. (You’ll know it when you see it, and
when you do, you might even wonder how it got past the censors.)

But I have to confess I don’t know where the bump starts and the grind begins,
or vice versa.


Bumps and grinds appear in descriptions of burlesque dancers in the US in the 1930’s.

Typically the grind comes first, moving your hips around slowly in a suggestive manner, then a quick forward thrust of your pelvic region towards the viewer–that’s the “bump.”

Sounds right. Thanks.

I think it’s the grind and then the bump. :wink:

No, THIS is the bump :slight_smile:

Pretty good, gigi, (but I had to use Internet Explorer for the link to work).

They’ve got everything now. My daughter’s identical twin boys were 9 months old yesterday. Their Mom has 2 DVD’s to teach them how to sign. Their hearing’s normal, but these folks (on the DVD) say signing enables children and adults to communicate before the kids learn to talk.

It’d be incredible if it works. But it’s worth a try. Check the DVDs out at Amazon, if you’re interested:

My Baby Can Talk - First Signs

is Volume 1 I think.

I am now off to my very last piano lesson. ¡Salud!