What IS the Bush admin.'s plan for our too-stretched military?

As I watch our servicefolk being called back to multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Guard and Reserve forces being deployed multiple times, Navy and Air Force troops being diverted to do Army duties, new recruits being rushed through training, troops being wounded, PTSD’d, West Point grads and other officers retiring ahead of schedule, and materiel being used up and worn out at a prodigious rate, I am left to wonder … what IS the administration’s plan for our armed forces? Near as I can see, it is to run them smack into the ground. The current trend is clearly not sustainable in the long term. What’s the end game? I don’t think anyone, on any side, wants a draft. But by the end of Bush’s term, our forces will be a sad shadow of what they were in 2000. Is he just trying his damnedest to “win” the war in Iraq before he exits office, and plans to leave the mess of the armed forces (along with other messes) to his successor?

As much as I’m opposed to the current war, I’m from a military family and believe in the value of keeping a strong military at the ready … and I can’t see how the current direction serves that military, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican or neither. Anyone have any insights?

Easy. Avoid utter disaster and hand off the problem to the next administration. (That’s Plan B. Plan A was to invade Iran.)

None. I doubt he even knows. Who’s going to tell him how bad it is ? And I seriously doubt he’d do anything but dismiss the facts if told, and fire the teller.

Bush’s plan? To extend the surge:

Basically, make sure he leaves an impossible situation for the next administration and hope for 2010 and 2012

Very loyal-to-his-party of W, considering he has no political future of his own.

That, or being a good boy so there aren’t scores of witnesses trying to take him with them.


I think you underestimate his capacity for self-delusion, if you think he’s merely hoping to “pass it off”. Yes, he probably believes that American troops will be stationed in Iraq on the Day of Jubilee (Jan. 20, 2009). But he believes that by that time, real, clear, and sustained progress will have been made, and the American people will be praising him for his principled stand, and ruefully regretful that we ever doubted him. Historians will be exhausting thier lists of superlatives describing how he stood firm and guided America, even when he was, ah, less than wholly popular.

He believes that it is imminent, that all he needs do is stall just a little longer. He is a fool.

How long does this go on before it is considered forced labor?

I wonder what would happen if we made him stay president.

He would regard it as the thanks of a grateful nation.

The Thirteenth Amendment has never been applied to military service.

Until six months after the war is over. :rolleyes: Haven’t enlistment contracts contained words to that effect for the last several decades?

Army chief wants to speed up troop hike

So the army already has over half the additional 65,000 army troops they need, but it’ll take til 2010 ar 2012 to get the other half? That doesn’t seem to make much sense.