What is the Christian response to a gay bishop? Death threats of course!


I don’t know why I continue to be appalled at the behaviour of some of those who call themselves Christians. One would think after the unrelenting streams of shit from the mouths of these so-called faithful over the last few decades I’d at some point lose my outrage but that hasn’t happened yet.

And yes, before anyone dogpiles on, I know that not every Christians behave this way and many of them are perfectly lovely people who are just as appalled as I am. But you know what I’m not seeing? I’m not seeing condemnations of these threats from the people who should be condemning them most strongly. Namely, the “conservatives” who oppose Robinson’s consecration. Their silence indicates to me that they really aren’t all that bothered at the idea of attempting to settle disagreements with threats and violence.

The reason you aren’t seeing the response you desire is that such a statement is not nearly as splashly in the media as reports of violence. And BTW, this is the first I have heard of the threats, and I’m Episcopalian. From Topeka Kansas. And you know what that means. I’m sure that public statements against those who would threaten Robinson will be forthcoming. Be patient.

This is the first I’ve heard about this too.

And this Christian finds it appalling. Anyone who would do such a thing and call themselves a Christian is sadly mistaken.

Horrible. :frowning:

Why didn’t you word your title “conservative Christian response” if that’s what you meant? And for that matter, the article you linked to does not indicate the religion of the people making threats. How do you know it’s not Muslims, for example?

Actually, I’ve found Cubs fans to be much more bloodthirsty than Christians lately.

While I am sad to say that this doesn’t surprise me, it is coming from both sides. I was reading, can’t find the cite just now, in either the Ft Worth Star Telegram or Dallas Morning News about this right after the bishops confirmation. Seems one of the churches that spoke out against the confirmation was burned buy the “tolerent” people. Not tryin to justify anthing. I will never understand how “good Christians” can resort to such things.

Sure, Otto, they’re nutsos. Death threats? Insane!

Just like it was insane when Dr. Laura got death threats a couple of years ago, and there was no outcry from the gay community about that.

There are nutsos in every camp, hon.

Cite that Dr Laura was threatened with death, please?


Did you have a cite proving that the death threats against the gay bishop were coming from Christians?


Shodan, that’s a lame cite.

Note that there’s no evidence that these threats came from gay people – although such evidence wasn’t requested, surely you’d need to provide such evidence if you want to establish equivalence. But wait:

So Schlessinger’s publicist denies there are death threats, contradicting the Citizens for Community Values. Is this the strongest evidence that there were death threats made against Dr. Laura?

Lame, lame, lame.

…especially since my first Google hit on “Dr. Laura Death Threats” turns up the following cite:

So apparently the gist is right, even if your cite was lame.

Equivalence, I think, is now established. And I’ll say, of course, that it’s despicable to issue death threats against Dr. Laura.


Equivalence will not be established until we have determined whether or not the death threats to the gay bishop came from Christians.


The Weekly Telegraph, reports that "The Anglican Church’s first openly homosexual bishop is under 24-hour protection from the FBI after receiving death threats from Christian fundamentalists

Link to Original Article.

I agree that a cite should be forthcoming, but I do think you have to ask yourself: “who the hell else gives a shit?”

I can’t imagine a bunch of rabidly homophibic atheists - or Hindus or Muslims or Buddhists - getting pissed off about the Episcopal church appointing gay clergy.

What do you mean you can’t imagine it, Jjimm? I gave a link to an article that documents it.

Well OK, I concede they appear “pissed off” - but they’re not issuing death threats - just boycotting interfaith talks.

From The Spectator

OK, I get your point, despite the somewhat weak cites.

But seriously, tell me how many of the death threats issued in the specific instance referred to in the OP were from enraged non-Christians?

So the goalpost is now all the way back to the concession stand, eh? :smiley:

Look, all I’m saying is that the OP has grossly misrepresented what happened by calling it “the Christian response”. Even his own article stated that far more correspondence has been supportive than negative.

Well that I thoroughly agree with.