What Is the Comparable Alternative

OK What I am looking for is a HIGH PRICED alcoholic drink & it very comparable CHEAP counter part. I will start:

What is a cheap alternative to Cointreau? De Kuyper Dry Orange Curacao Liqueur.

OK Now tear me up with some of your comparables, vs, or whatnot’s.

For Cointreau, try Gran Gala orange liqueur, or Harlequin Orange Liqueur.

No-brainer for me: Vintage Armagnac ($80-$300 or more) vs. Armenian brandy ($20…but almost always very good)

(Aside: The shop near our old house once pressed a bottle of good 1984 bas-Armagnac on us for $20 because they weren’t moving. We bought the whole case, and gave half away for Xmas gifts. I wish I had saved some, but it was so tasty.)

Zwack and Pernod (sometimes together!) can sub for rarer bitter liqueurs. Being a nerd for those, I have a notebook somewhere for various subs for what I can’t easily find locally, unfortunately, it hasn’t turned up since we moved. :frowning: I haven’t looked too hard yet, since I can’t partake at the moment.

For Campari, try Luxardo Bitter at about 2/3 the price.

I don’t know what good it does to list one premium gin, bourbon or rum for comparison, but if that’s the exercise, here are my picks (expensive one on left, comparable alternative on right):

Gin: Tanqueray vs Seagrams Distillers Reserve Gin
Bourbon: Maker’s Mark vs. Evan Williams
White rum: 10 Cane vs. Cruzan White
Silver Tequila: Herradura Silver vs. Sauza Blue Silver.

Generally speaking, just go to the liquor store, and look in a category. There’ll be the one you recognize, and a bunch of knock-offs for less money. Whether or not they’re worth that money is up to you. For example, I woudn’t call any DeKuyper curacao or triple sec product comparable to Cointreau. Luxardo Triplum… maybe, Combier Triple Sec, sure, but not DeKuyper or Hiram Walker.

For Rye, substitute Swish… at your own risk.

Wow… that’s just awful.

Really though… the premium/decent value brand for rye is:

Knob Creek Rye vs Old Overholt.

Not the comparable of Cointreau–I did that; any other alcoholic beverage.:smack: