What is the Current SDMB position on swearing outside the Pit?

Kids hear it all the time. My own almost 4 year old niece loves playing GTA San Andreas which is riddled with swearing. A twelve rated film contains it. People on the streets use it all the time.

So I have to wonder… what is the position of a board who’s youngest member is aproximately 14, and who’s probably youngest lurker is probably about the same… on swearing outside the pit?

Inventions I seem to recall a poster saying how fucking annoyed with something. Then, another person reprimanded them for it. A mod walked by, and pointed out that since we are all adults(Yes, even me. :rolleyes: ) here, there is no problem. After all, he was swearing about some political action, not about another poster. Besides, he was not angry enough to open a pit thread.

From the registration agreement:

So – I’d say it’s what Scott Plaid said.

All comments so far are correct. We figure everyone is an adult (or two-thirds of the way to adulthood) and we don’t want to restrict freedom of expression unless we have to.

That having said, please note that we expect posters to remain polite. Use of expletives for dramatic effect are fine. Overuse can be annoying, and loses that air of civility. Don’t go all ballistic on me here, we’ve had kids come in who thought it was cool to post a post that was nothing but expletives. No content, no thought, nothing but a string of expletives. That’s being a jerk.

Can Manhatten swear when closing a thread?

Well, since a) he’s no longer a mod and b) no longer a member of the SMDB, I’d say no, he can’t…:slight_smile: