What is the deal with Scientology and homosexuality?

Without getting into the details, for fear of hijacking the thread, there are number of famous Scientologists that are the subject of rumors about their sexuality. Is this just a coincidence? (there are plenty of non-Scientologist celebrities that are the subject of similar rumors). Or is there some kind of official position the Church of Scientology has on the matter, that would explain this ? Does Scientology claim to “cure” it ? (it was, after all, founded in an era in which the idea of homosexuality as a mental illness was prevalent, and has always set it self up an an alternative to the psychiatric establishment)

L. Ron Hubbard was anti-gay. The later church doesn’t seem to have a strong position either way. Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientology_and_sexual_orientation
Hubbard’s questions suggested it was disordered and therefore becoming “clear” or whatever could fix it.

The rumors are that their church has enough power to quash any mention of their member’s sexuality. But I am unaware of any gay rumors about any Scientologists beyond their two most famous actors, Cruise and Travolta.

Was Hubbard anti-gay by the standards of the time?

Paul Haggis, who was a prominent Hollywood Scientologist, objected to the San Diego branch’s support for Proposition 8 against same-sex marriage. When the higher echelons failed to back his position he left the church after 35 years.

Hubbard probably believed that homosexuality was caused by some kind of thetan infestation…so becoming “clear” should end you gayness.
I wonder what he would have to say about Travolta and Cruise-both are Level XX “clears”…maybe they require more auditing?
This is the fundamental disconnect with $cientology-the higher up you are, the crazier you get…which is the opposite of what they claim!

No, Hubbard almost certainly believed that if he made up something called thetans and convinced enough people to believe in them, he’d be rich. It is unlikely that he actually believed the shit he was shoveling.

“You don’t get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion.” - L. Ron Hubbard

I have a friend who went into Scientology for a while–this was maybe 25 years ago, before I knew him. He did a level or two and says he is still helped by what he learned. But at some point not too far along, he was asking questions of his counselor or whatever they’re called, and she interrupted him to ask, “Are you homosexual? Because we have problems with homosexuals.” He left shortly thereafter (yes, he’s gay).

I imagine they have a problem with Cruise or Travolta being gay because they think it would affect their individual star value (“The asexual guy with the cold, dead eyes is gay? Well, I’m not going to any more of his movies!”). On the other hand, it seems like an overall disdain of homosexuality would be uncharacteristically poor marketing, given the organization’s heavy investment in recruiting from the entertainment community.

Yes…in Hubbard’s insane brand of logic, the “thetans” were why you don’t have an IQ of 180, and the ability to move stuff by thought. But the flaw in his logic was that after all that “thetan removal” (auditing) none of the people were any smarter or better. He resolved the problem by creating higher “levels” of being clear