What is the difference between Nintendo DS Lite and DSi?

I find myself with a $100 Amazon Giftcard for Christmas, and I’m considering subsidizing most of the cost of buying a portable gaming device with it. I realized that I have no idea what the difference is between a Nintendo DS Lite and a Nintendo DSi, except that apparently the DSi has photo and music manipulation tools built-in. Is that all the difference? Or is there something else (one has better games, one has better accessories)?


The DSi has a mini web browser, and has access to an online ‘app store’ where you can download games directly to it from the Playstation network.

I would definitely go with the DSi.

A DS Lite will play the old Game Boy Advance games, which tend to be relatively inexpensive. Depending on where you buy them, DS games range from about six bucks to around $40. Definitely buy them used; it’s a lot cheaper.

The DSi has, as mentioned, built-in music, web-browsing, and photo software, sa well as two cameras. It lacks a port to play GBA games, though. That might be a big selling point for some. There are a lot of good GBA games out there in every imaginable genre (platformer, puzzle, RPG, action, etc…)

The DSi can also download games from the internet, though from what I’ve heard there aren’t very many good ones yet, though that can obviously change at any time. There are only one or two DSi exclusive games right now (ones that won’t work at all on the DS,) but there will certainly be more in the future, since the DSi has a better CPU and more RAM, which means it can run bigger and better games.

So in summary: the DSi will be more ‘future-proof,’ but cost more, whereas the DS gives you backwards compatibility.