What is the difference between R&B and hip hop?

What is the difference between modern R&B and hip hop? I do mean the modern stuff. I can’t tell the difference.

I knew it, there is no difference, is there, that’s why no one’s been able to answer my question.

Er… I mean, bump

Alright, I’ll take a shot. Hip hop isn’t a term that really describes the music, although that is a part of it. Hip-hop, as I understand it, is comprised of four elements- DJ’ing, MC’ing, graffiti, and break-dancing. The MC part is what became rap music, although it’s kind of used interchangeably with hip-hop, because rap is the music of hip-hop, if you get what I’m saying. R&B vs. rap is a pretty simple comparison- generally speaking, R&B is more about the melody, and rap is about the lyrical content. It’s hard to define and categorize music, so there will always be stuff in between, and there’s a lot of shades of gray, but that’s the basic difference. If they’re singing, it’s R&B. If they’re rapping, it’s rap, which is part of hip-hop.