What is the end game of Islam?

What is their end of the world prophecy according to the Koran? What is the roll of the faithful torwards this end game?

I have been lead to believe that it is world conquest by the faithful, which really leaves no room nor reason to talk about it unless we can get to and colonize other planets. Is this a valid interpertation?

The general concept you’re talking about is Eschatology. The Muslim version of the end of the world is called Qiyamah, and, as one would expect from a faith that is closely related to Judaism and Christianity, it’s reasonably similar to the version of events that’s found in Revelation.

In my experience, the faithful tend to roll downhill.

One detail in Islamic eschatological prophecy made me curious. The “Beast of the Earth.” This is a minor sideline of the narrative. A Beast will come out of the ground. It will talk to people and foretell things to come. That’s all the prophecy said about it. WTF?

Otherwise, the Islamic Last Days narrative is pretty similar to the Christian, in broad outlines. The Second Coming of Christ will be Islamic, of course. He will return to fight al-Masih al-Dajjal (the Antichrist). The Mahdi and the Second Coming of Christ will team up for the final battle, like superheroes in a movie. Some of these descriptions read pretty cinematic. But I keep wondering about that cute talking Beast…

The prophecy that “the sun will rise in the West” has been taken metaphorically by some American Muslims to refer to the growth of Islam over here. These must be… the End Times! Also, the prophecy about the Dajjal – a deceiver who will be believed and followed by people the world over – says the Dajjal has only one eye. So some modern interpretations say the Dajjal is obviously the television. I tend to agree with this!

In the End Times there will be only one man for every 50 women. Yeah, I’m doing my share to help immanentize the Eschaton. fnord

From black rabbit’s Wiki cite:

As Johanna noted, its very similar to Judaism/Christianity (no wonder either, as it spins off of both). The Wiki article black rabbit posted also goes into the other major religions…its worth the read if you are interested in this stuff.


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I presume you’re posting this in the knowledge that “Islam” is very diverse, and many followers do not adhere to eschatology.

My favorite part of the Islamic “end of the world” is where the idols ask those who made them, “Did we tell you to worship us?”