What is the evolutionary purpose of wide noses in hispanics?

My friend from Guatamala has a rather wide nose, is this explainable in evolutionary terms?

*samclem, I don’t know what you mean about me trying to “be cute”. I simply asked a question in the title and explained what I meant and why I asked the question below. I don’t know why you think I’m trying to be belligerent, but you’re are completely wrong in that assumption.

Can you kindly explain in detail how my last thread here violated any rules? Please let me know what I’m doing wrong here… *

diggleblop, I would strongly recommend that you read this current Pit Thread regarding your posting habits, and not simply ignore it like you did the last one. I am sure that other posters will be more than happy to explain to you in great detail the oboxiousness of your original thread title, and other posting behavior.

reading it now, thanks.

diggleblop, I can’t answer for samclem, but your previous GQ asked what the purpose of Hispanics was, not their noses. Something you’ve clearly understood, since you made the title of this subsequent thread less facetious.

yeah, just a poorly worded question the first time.

Think twice, post once.

Short answer:

It’s another example of natural variation within a species without any purpose; just random genetic drift between populations.

Now that the question has has something of an answer, can the thread be closed?

not until you give us a cite.

Genetic Drift.

Geographic variation of Native people along the Pacific Coast, Human Biology, Jun 1995 by Hall, Roberta L, Hall, Don Alan

Exapno Mapcase beat me to the comment. In essence, in early times when humans were adapting to different environments, various nasal shapes were selected for in different climates to deal with temperature and humidity variations. These populations have migrated and mixed since then. Broad noses were advantageous in warm wet climates, IIRC – and hence populations in both Australasia and tropical Africa tended to select for them. Typically, the stereotypical “Hispanic” is an admixture of European and Native (Meso-)American stock, at least some of the time with an African element added. (Note that “the stereotypical Hispanic” is very much a misrepresentation of a very extensive melting pot of ethnocultural groups.)

Well technically, as harsh as the title was, he did not simply ask what the purpose of Hispanics was. Read it again.

No, he asked what was the purpose of hispanics who have wide noses. Your point?

It gives an impressive flare when they are excited, when happens quite often as they have the "hot blood".

So you’re talkin’ about Latinos (the ones with a lot of indigenous blood); not people from Spain. Right?

Hispanic as an ethnic term usually refers only to people from Latin America; it does not include Spaniards.

From Merriam Webster:

But I’m not sure that diggleblop knows exactly what he means. Of course, many hispanics do not have wide noses.

I know. Read jjimm’s comment:

My point was simply saying that jjimm’s assertion that the OP asked only about the purpose of Hispanics was wrong, and that diggleblop did include the wide nose reference in his question.

Basically, jimm read diggleblop’s post as:

What is the purpose of hispanics?

When in fact diggleblop’s question was:

What is the purpose of hispanics who have wide noses?

Big difference there. I was simply saying that while the original question was a bit rough and not PC, I understood exactly what he meant (as in the evolutionary purpose of wide noses in hispanics…)

That’s all.

I try to make the questions as short as possible in the subject line, then rephrase them once you open the thread. Seems that it causes a little too much trouble, not to mention threads dedicated to flaming me from people who know nothing about me, so I’ll just try and ask more directly in the first place. But thanks for the responses, guys. I do in fact mean Hispanics from Latin America. The ones I know from the Guatemala region all have wide noses.

The thread title is useful solely as a shorthand pointer to give people an idea of what the thread will be about, so that people can scan through the page of threads and key in on those likely of most interest.

The question does not have to go into the thread title. The thread title does not have to be all-encompassing. It does not even need to be in the form of a question, although it certainly can be. A few keywords would suffice. Use the OP to expand on and explain the purpose of the thread, and to give responders an idea of what you really want to know, which may be far larger than the thread title might indicate.

So people from Spain are not Hispanic. And I guess neither are people from New Mexico, whose families have been there for generations, who speak Spanish and who certainly haven’t immigrated from Latin America.

You learn something every day.

(I realize this is a pointless discussion, though)