What is the first city that comes to mind when I say "Greatest City in Europe"?

Please respond before reading the spoilers.

I was taking a geography class awhile back and the professor started off one lecture by saying we were going to talk about The Greatest City in Europe, and of course we all knew what that was.


Well, someone say it.

Come on, you guys know which city I’m referring to. Someone just say it.

Finally, realizing no one else was going to speak up, I said Paris.

He looked at me like I just punched his mother in the mouth. And it wasn’t an act. He was genuinely surprised and seemed a little offended.


Of course I’m talking about London!

I wasn’t going to argue with him, but I thought to myself, I’ve been to both, and my answer doesn’t change.

For the record he was born an raised in the US, of Russian heritage, so he didn’t seem to have a stake in this.

I’d say London too. But then, I’m biased - I’m a Londoner. :smiley: Actually, I hated Paris. But it’s obviously purely a matter of opinion; there’s no objective way you can declare that any of the cities is greater than the other - unless you mean in size or population, of course.


Those were spoilered . . .

Edit: And I know there’s no objective way to declare this. That’s why I posted in the opinion forum.

The answer you’re looking for is London, but the correct answer is Dublin. :smiley:

Paris (I didn’t read the spoilers yet). Second guess would be Rome.

ETA: Were we supposed to spoiler our answers? Sorry. I see no one else did either.

My thought was London, but I’m British, so I’m biased.

Cisco, you are a refined and educated person. You professor obviously never went in Europa.

Sorry but it’s hard to beat the pot and boobies of Amsterdam in my reckoning.

Even though I’ve never been there, if someone said “Greatest City in Europe?” I would immediately think of Paris. My next though would be, “London if you include Britain,” because I don’t automatically regard Great Britain as “Eurpoean.”

My first thought was Paris, but that’s because I’ve always had a hard time thinking of the UK as European. I know it is, but it’s an English-speaking place, and in my head, that (along with the channel) separates it from the rest of Europe.

Considering the huge linguistic, cultural, economic, and political differences between Britain and the continent, I never consider Britain part of Europe. Plus you have to also consider the traditional antipathy of the British to the continent, as reflected by such items as the euro debate. Oddly enough I usually consider Ireland part of Europe despite similar factors. Don’t know why.
Getting back to the original question, of course Paris is Europe’s foremost city. I’ve never been there, but it’s tradionally considered the center of European culture over the centuries. Also it’s been the political center of the country that’s usually been Europe’s most powerful country. One thing hurting Rome and Berlin in being Europe’s foremost city is they’ve only been their countries capitals for barely over a century–since they’ve only existed as united countries for that long.

My first thought was Paris, but was almost simultaneously followed by London. I haven’t spent enough time in either city to make an educated choice, but I will pick Heathrow over De Gaulle, and the Underground over the Métropolitain.

Paris - because I think of London as being in the UK, not Europe… plus it’s a better answer than Krosno, Poland.

Paris, of course. In various eras, it’s been the seat of diplomacy, science, art, cuisine, and well, sex.

Paris, followed very closely by London. (I have lived in both, I prefer Paris.) Rome would have been my third choice.

Your teacher was just wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m siding with the prof.

I thought Berlin, Vienna, and Prague.

My first thought was Paris.
Then I thought it was maybe a trick question, so I thought Berlin, London, Amsterdam.