What is the first sentence from the book you are currently reading?


Yes, everyone know Bigfoot smell like shit.

“There are those who say that life is a game of chance, and considering some of the things that have happened to me, I’d probably be inclined to agree.”

Best in Show by Laurien Berenson

“I still get nightmares”

It is customary here to name the book and author.

“I still get nightmares”

House of Leaves by Mark z. Danielewski

“There was something fucked up about a job where cocaine was overlooked, but cigarettes would get you fired.”

Freak by Jennifer Hillier

In early summer 1900, Roger Keyes went for a walk.

The Boxer Rebellion and the Great Game in China by David Silbey

“In the dim light, a small group of people talk in hushed voices as if entering a church, spellbound by the paintings on the rock wall: bison and mammoth and horse, colored with red ochre made from dirt and charcoal and bound with saliva and animal fat.”

Searching for Stars on an Island in Maine by Alan Lightman

“When Jesus of Nazareth hung dying on his cross, the volcryn passed within a year of his agony, headed outward.”

Nightflyers by George R.R. Martin

" ‘Are you Miss Damaris Boyd, a terror on two feet?’ the railroad conductor asked me."

By Crumbs, It’s Mine! by Patricia Beatty

“On the morning of October 1, 1907, the hotel bellmen and front desk staff were scurrying about the marble lobby, smoothing their uniforms and making final preparations.”

The Plaza: The Secret Life of America’s Most Famous Hotel, by Julie Satow

“In December 1776, a small boat delivered an old man to France.”

A Great Improvisation by Stacy Schiff

“Chris Mankowski’s last day on the job, two in the afternoon, two hours to go, he got a call to dispose of a bomb.”

Freaky Deaky by Elmore Leonard

“But surely Your Excellency can’t dispute the facts of the matter!”

Tales of the Vulgar Unicorn, ed. by Robert Lynn Asprin

“Tyler couldn’t help checking the time again.”

Three Laws Lethal by David Walton

“During the Late Stone Age, about 27,000 years ago, a group of hunter-gatherers in the Pavlov Hills, in what is now the Czech Republic, looked around the landscape in which they lived and realized that if they had some means by which they could easily find their favorite hunting grounds and the best places in which to camp, then they would have a better chance of survival.”

Life from Above: Epic Stories of the Natural World, by Michael Bright and Chloe Sarosh

“A storm was coming to the Bighorn Mountains.”

Winterkill, by C.J. Box

“Telle Whitney started college–in 1973, at the University of Utah–without knowing what she wanted to be when she grew up.”

Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley, by Emily Chang

I knelt in the snow in front of my great-great-great-great-grandfather’s gravestone, took my bristle brush and cleaned the surface, working the bristles deep into each engraved letter."

Backwater, by Joan Bauer

“An astonishing number of the people you know, probably including yourself, insist that they have to do a lot of economizing.”

Orchids on Your Budget or Live Smartly on What You Have, by Marjorie Hillis