What Is The Function Of The Penile Suspensory Ligaments?

Why do men have ‘penile suspensory ligaments’, which effectively shorten the penis by anchoring it to the pubic bone? What would be their evolutionary advantage??


Er, to keep the penis from being just a really soft hunk of loosely attached tissue which could be pulled off the body at the slightest tug? Like certain kinds of skin tumor, which come right off, zip zip zip…

Early Men who did not have suspensory ligaments and who got hung up in the bramble patch were unable to pass along their ligament-less genes.

Just a WAG.
[sure am glad I’m a girl]


The ligaments make the erect penis stand up rather than hang down. Men who get the ligaments cut for enlargement surgery get erect, but the penis doesn’t stick straight out anymore.

I suspect this is a holdover from earlier mammalian forms that didn’t have our manual dexterity. If the penis doesn’t stick out, it would be much more difficult to engage in sex. A mammal like a dog could never manage to have sex if the penis wasn’t erect and already pointed in the right direction.