What is the greatest invention ever?

Please explain why.

Writing-communication and preservation of knowledge.

Yeah, probably writing. Possibly vaccination (has prevented untold suffering).

Vaccination is good but doesn’t everything else come from writing? I mean you eally can’t move forward unless you’re building on some previous work and the only reliable way to know what was done before is if it was written down.

I say writing is necessary for any progress to be made.

Oral sex.



Printing press, then. WWW, now.

Boxer briefs. The comfort of boxers with the control and support of briefs. And it is a kick in the nuts to the ugly tighty whities.

I guess we all have our priorities.

Saran Wrap.

Let us take the greatest invention as something which caused an inflection point in human progress.


Sliced bread?

I’d have to weigh in with language and/or writing.
Fire is also pretty useful.

Fire is an invention? Or do you mean controlled fire for cooking?

Sure. Without sliced bread, how could have humans progressed so much?

It can be argued that fire (while not strictly an ‘invention’ but more of a ‘discovery’) was one of the impetuses for the development of civilization.

You might want to add agriculture to the list as well.

The telephone.

Almost all of life has changed since it transformed communication, by allowing an instantaneous exchange of information.

Lycra Spandex.

Surely this requires no explanation.