What is the ideal proportion of burlesque to poetry? (With Poll!)

Ok, I’ll try to be less of an idiot this time. No promises.

Inspired by the Happy Hour Burlesque Troupe’s performance [del]tonight[/del] last night, which was proceeded by (short) poetry readings. Also two bands, but adding music complicates things and I’m trying to keep the number of responses down.

So, how much live poetry reading are you willing to tolerate if it comes packaged with a burlesque show? Alternatively, what proportion of live poetry best highlights a burlesque show? All proportions judged by length. So if you take the 1 in 4 option, you’re talking about a 15 minutes of poetry set followed by an hour of curvy, be-corseted dancers doing things with chairs and feathered fans. And some guy doing abrasive comedy.

Personally, I’ve never found that a live reader improved poetry. In fact, usually the opposite. I wouldn’t go so far to say that overly complex lingerie actually improves curvy chicks, but it does no harm, and the playful, teasing environment lends a certain something.

“You got your curvy be-corseted dancer in my poetry reading!”
“You got your poetry on my curvy be-corseted dancer!”

I think the most fun show would be one that combined the two, so you had the poetry being read while the dancing and chairs and fans were going on for visual stimulus.

I’m not sure your poll is aimed at me, as I attend poetry readings and open mike poetry nights (with no burlesque) on a regular basis.

I’ve no objection to burlesque, but I don’t think the poetry needs it, and I just think the one would distract from the other, and vice-versa, too.

I was going to be okay with half and half, but then I noticed you said that each part is 15 minutes. Sorry, but 15 minutes of poetry, all in a row, is weird unless it is specifically a poetry reading.

Space it out, or, as EW says, try combining it.