What is the largest lottery or other game win a Doper has had?

Do we have any big winners here on the dope? Anyone won $1000? $10,000? $100,000? A million?

Tell us about it. :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll start. $3.00. I took the lump sum.

Didn’t Stoid win big in a game show once or am I misremembering? :wink:

I won $100 on a scratch-off ticket that I didn’t even buy for myself. I won a competition at work, and got first pick of scratch-off tickets. I was the only one who really won any decent amount of money. That was a nice bonus for Christmas.

Not me, but one of my brothers won $50 000 on a scratchy back in the 80s.

Most I’ve won in one go is $35 on a scratchy and around $50 on lotteries.

I win tiny amounts ten or fifteen times a year. The most I’ve ever won at one time is only something like $75.

My Uncle won $100k once, in 1982 or so, a time when that was a hefty sum indeed. Like many people, he mishandled it almost immediately, and it was all frivolously spent by the end of the year.

I won about $9,000 for first place on a NCAA bracket in 2015. Not too shabby for someone who thinks there is a team from Alaska called Yukon. (UConn) Yeah, college basketball isn’t my strong suit.

Won about $1,800 this NFL season.

I didn’t pay anything to pay either of these leagues.

Yes, I won all the prizeson a game show, but the prizes were mostly caca. (I should post more of that show sometime… when we were watching it as it aired my dad asked me if I was sure I won, because I went through a long streak of losing in the middle of the game where it seemed impossible I would come out the winner…) The cash was $3600, the other stuff was nearly worthless. A VCR (!!) a “diamond tennis bracelet” the diamonds were the crap you scrape off your shoes after a long day at the jewelers, a seriously crappy camera and some “crystal” glassware. I was glad of the cash and I had a blast (I was insanely nervous for the entire day before waiting int he green room and then right up until the start…the minute the cameras rolled I was totally calm. The host mentioned it during commercial…) but it in no way qualifies me as any kind of big winner. Oh, and here was a kick in the ass: I didn’t actually receive the prizes until 90 days after it aired and it aired a couple of months after it was shot. SO rude, I wonder if they do that with most game shows…

While we’re on the subject, and someone mentioned the way lottery winners tend to be incredibly stupid and wasteful, has anyone ever heard of a lottery winner being incredibly great with their winnings?

Yes, friend of my ex’s family won multiple millions and lived happily ever after. Paid off his mortgage, gave a bunch to his kids, travelled a bit and is still living very comfortably off his investments decades later.

I’m sure this is by far the most common scenario, in fact, but people only want to hear about idiots wasting it all.

If the show doesn’t air at all, for whatever reason - usually for some arbitrary reason, not your fault - you don’t even receive the prizes.

I won $396 total in one drawing. I had two 4th place tickets for a huge New York lottery. Each of the winnings positions pay out a percentage of the total pot in that lottery, unlike PowerBall and others where everything but the grand prize is a fixed amount.

Not sure this counts as a “game” per se, but as a teenager, I won a radio contest that involved writing in to say why my mom was the greatest mom. I wrote something very sappy (but true!) about all the sacrifices she’d made to give me the best shot at life that she could, and ended up winning something in the neighborhood of $350 in jewelry for her.

I’ve actually had two separate 4 number hits in the Texas Lotto. Couple of hundred bucks each time.

About $700 for having 5 out of 6 #'s. Believe me, you don’t want this. All you can think of is “man, only 1 more # for all the money in the world!!” (actually one million. but still)

For real? Is this all game shows?

A couple of Christmases ago I won $400 from one of those stocking stuffer rub off games. That’s the most I have ever one form a single game.

Back in 1981 I won a new Chevy Cavalier playing bingo. My mom and grandmother drug me along, they just wanted someone to drive so they could drink wine while they played. I won on the 44th number of a 48 number blackout game. I didn’t have the money to pay the tax and license at the time so I “sold” the car back to the dealer for $1500. Somewhere something got screwed up though and I had to pay income taxes for the full value of the car. I ended up with only about $500 in my pocket.

A few months later my mom won $20,000 at the same bingo parlor.

I won a 50-50 this past summer at a fundraiser for an animal shelter. I assumed it was a couple hundred dollars, so I went up to the stage and donated it to the shelter. Turns out it was an ongoing thing and I would have gotten just under three thousand dollars.:smack:

I started a thread wondering about my tax consequences.

This past May myself and 32 coworkers had the 5 numbers for the Power Ball drawing but missed the power ball itself. After taxes we each cleared around $22,000. Made for a fun summer and paid for my son’s braces:)

A friend of mine won $150,000 in the lottery. He used the win to pay down the mortgage, but kept working at his job, and a few years after that, had paid off the whole thing.

As for me, I managed a $1200 slot machine win once, and my biggest horse racing win was about $300.