What is the lowest number NOT found on Google?


Um mkl12, I get 5 hits for your number. Is it posted correctly?

Google search preferences could affect results (those infamous math porn sites :slight_smile: ). For what it’s worth I use “Search for pages written in any language” and “Do not filter my search results.”

Now I get 5 hits for that number, too. I think I’ve copied a later attempt. :mad: The number I found must be close to that, only one or two digits changed, but I can’t find it now. Can I still say I’ve won the game? :slight_smile:

Here’s a slightly larger one.


Well you’re certainly the leader, but I’m still looking for a new low.

Are you mostly just searching for numbers that pop into your head, or do you have a logic? One of the sites in the OP mentioned writing a script to help the search. That is well beyond my current level of knowledge, but sounds promising in order to find the really lowest number.

OK. I’ve reached a new low.


Something called ncbi seems to have used every number under 15357213. Well, ok, I can’t prove they used them all, but it sure seems it.


I just found a lower one within the territory I thought ncbi had covered up.


The elusive prey is still afoot.


Ncbi is almost everywhere. Almost.
I found this by randomly changing the numbers.

Beat you by a few more:


and even better:


I’ve also found a window in the NCBI results, a lot below those… sadly other sites are filling them at the moment… found plenty with only 2 or 3 results.

Colophon,15344087 now gives one hit. I saw it with no hits earlier. I sometimes wonder how reliable Google hit counts are.

It sure is hard to hit a changing/moving target!

Right now this number is a no hitter. Better not blink or it will go away.



Here’s a little jump ahead.


This page alone seems to have knocked many numbers out of the running. :frowning:

Yeah, but pages like that and the infamous ncbi are part of the game. At any instant there is still a lowest missing number, and it would be fun to identify the lowest one–but I’m not suggesting that people NOT publish their normal pages, however questionable it looks to us (as in, what was the page you found doing that matters? I sure don’t know.)

Last one tonight:


My script got this one:


…and mere hours later it’s gone.

Your find got gobbled by the dread ncbi monster. It happens to the best of us. Too bad, as that was a really low low.