What is the meaning of "Oh, Snap"?

Ive been hearing this phrase more and more. Its even written in
graffiti on my study hall desk and its being said more n more by
some of my classmates. But what exactly is the meaning of
“Oh snap” and when would you use it? And is it really socially


Whenever I’ve heard it, it’s been a euphemism. That is, people say “Oh snap!” when something bad happens, as a way to avoid saying a naughtier word.

I think I’ve understood it to mean:

“Ooooh, what an appropriate joke. You are very clever.”
Person A: Your mama’s so fat, whenever someone says “Kool-Aid” she comes crashing through the wall!

Person B, whose mama IS fat: Oh, snap!

yeah, i’ve always heard it with regard to an insult–usually a humerous one like beefymeg mentioned.

as a matter of fact, IIRC there were a couple of mama-joke books published and there was something about “Snaps” in their titles.

I agree with astorian. The thread reminded me of the Biz Markie song “You got what I need”.

“Oh, snap, guess what I saw. A fella tounge kissing my girl on the mouth…”

Definately used as an alternative to cursing when I use it.

I think we’re all right.

I think it’s a euphemasia for a naughtier s-word, and it can be used in a context to mean “good joke!”

See Airplane:
Jiveman1: Sheeeet.

Subtitle: GOLLY.

He could just as easily have said “Snap!”
Don’t’cha think?

Oh snap! People still say this? I say it half jokingly quite often and people always laugh about what an oldschool saying it is. My friends and I used to say it when we were young kids ~15 years ago.
It usually means “Oh yea!” when something dawns on you or “Oh crap!” when you hear bad news. However, it’s one of those words that, since it’s not a “real” word, it can mean just about anything. Take whatever context it’s used in, think of what word you would’ve used in its place, and that’s what it means.

There was a song that used the term back in the late 80’s/early 90’s but I can’t remember the name of the group or the song. It was a female singer and the group was along the lines of C&C Music Factory (but I don’t think it was them.)

It relates surprise. You are surprised by the gall of the guy who just called someones mother a ho. Catch you girl cheating? Shocker.

Goog or bad it means you are surprised by what you see/here.

Typo city.

In the context I hear it, it means “I’ve sussed it!”


I first heard it in the movie “Zoolander” a few years back, but then I’m totally and hopelessly unhip.

What does ‘sussed’ mean and why does it merit a rolleyes?

I’ve sussed it! = I’ve got it! (as in figured it out, solved a puzzle/mystery/the light bulb goes on over one’s head, etc.)

:rolleyes: just because I think it sounds goofy as hell.

God, I’m going to have to agree with your :rolleyes: then. That word is stupid and annoying, it sounds like something my girlfriends Mom would say (except she would say “I’ve thuthed it!”)

I think the origin of “getting snapped on” is from the locker room. You know, wet towels and naked bodies don’t mix very well. WHIPPAHH. snap

So now being made fun of would be the equivalent of a verbal “snap”