What is the meaning of this hand gesture?

From Wikipedia, it is known as Bang bang or pistols. The picture shows the hand in the shape of a gun.

You’re at a parade where you see the parade marshall and guests waving to the crowd. You’re looking at one of the persons waving. As they are waving, their hand turns into a gun; midwave they lower their middle, ring, and pinkie fingers together and then they re-extend their fingers and resume waving.

So the marshall of the parade is waving and make this gun sign, almost like a wink. What does it mean? Have you ever seen any celebrities, politicans, hosts make this specific gesture? Is it regional?

When I was a kid, it was used exclusively for ‘Cops & Robbers’ among the neighborhood children.

I’ve seen it used on television shows like a wink or a “you got it” to a correct answer…I can picture a gameshow host doing this, but I can’t remember who. Maybe Richard Dawson?

I know the gesture you mean and it I always associate it with the height of cheeziness. In recent years I also associate it with Lyddie England and Abu Ghraib.

You mean when it’s accompanied by a toothy grin, wink and a man in a leisure suit?

you mean like this?

Ask Travis Bickle.

Think more subtle. It’s like a wink. If you notice it, you can’t believe your eyes. One minute they are waving and in a split second they make this hand gesture, and then continue waving.

What does it mean if a politican does this? It’s not quite the v-sign and it’s not exactly the finger.

Gotcha ya!

I’m a little surprised this is in GQ. If it were in the Pit, I would understand, but to give you a factual answer: this is a hand-sign in order to pick a particular person out of a crowd in order to signify that their general wave of good cheer is particularly directed towards one or another of the vast throngs.

It means, roughly:

“Hey everybody, hi, hello, how are you all, and–
Steve, good to see you, thanks for the campaign contribution and making that little hooker problem go away!
–and hey everybody, thanks, yes, I’m wonderful and so are you…”

This is more to what I think it means. The trigger shot gesture has a little more spunk to it than a wink. When I picture it, it roughly says:

“here we go”

It says this with a knowing smile. So what I’m wondering is how to interpret this gesture, beign or nefarious. Again, it’s not quite the v-sign and it’s not exactly the finger.

It means roughly something like “I am a warm, friendly, caring guy, I acknowledge your presence here before me, and you are A-okay in my book, dude.”

And if you look at the pic of Cool Jesus linked to by Peter Morris, that’s exactly the message you’ll get.

That’s “Buddy Christ” from the “Catholocism WOW!” campaign to revitalize the Catholic Church! Write to Cardinal Glick for more info.