What is the most beautiful thing you’ve seen lately?

It’s bluebonnet season here in Texas. A couple of houses have filled their entire front yards with bluebonnets. Makes me want to do the same …

My three year old son tenderly sharing his sandwich with his one year sister - damn near made a grown man cry.

I’d hate to have a socialist kid too.

Anything is better than the tyranny that he usually seems to favour!

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It was 82 degrees Sunday, one degree shy of the record for that date. It was wonderful to be outside without having to bundle up. A taste of summer, after a long dreary winter.

On Sunday it was an unusually warm and bright spring day so my husband and I went to Dunham Massey, a National Trust property. There was a lake there with the first ducklings we’ve seen this season. Watching them scurrying around the lake, which was beautifully still and reflecting the trees around it, was just beautiful.

Dogwood and Redbud in full Spring bloom.

We have what looks like 2 cherry trees grown into 1 in the parking lot behind our apartment building. Recently it literally burst into bloom overnight, and it is HUGE.

Then we got the wind and rain, which knocks all the blossoms off. They cover the ground and the cars in the faintest shade of pink, and it looks like a gentle snow has fallen.

For a couple days, it’s all people talk about.

I was getting to work way too early, as usual. It was warm enough to be comfortable in a T-shirt, although the first light of dawn was baaaarely starting to show. Our six glass-cube buildings lit up for a company that’s so ecoconscious, this one is in serious need of a Person Who Switches Off The Lights, the fountains on the patio, a single star and a sliver of the moon against a sky barely on the blue side of black.

Hey, those look a lot like lilas (might even be but IANABotanist). I was at the Alcázar and in one of the rooms it smelled very strongly of lilas; I poked my head out and sure enough, there was a trellis there completely covered with them.

I rolled over and saw you killed it. You totally killed it!

The route the bus takes on the way to my girlfriend’s house is by the ocean. In the springtime, the view of the soft light hitting the water over a vast expanse of infinite blue in the background and the speckled foam capering off the shoreline in the foreground was nigh sublime. My girlfriend’s rack was pretty nice too.

No, a real socialist would have given it to an illegal immigrant.

I concur. (Not your child, obv :stuck_out_tongue: )

Edit… er, or partner!

I just went to the Cinque Terre in Italy and the whole damn thing was beautiful, though Vernazza and Manarola impressed me the most.

A few days ago, I drove around several neighborhoods looking at the dogwoods blooming. No city in the world is more beautiful than Atlanta in the early spring.

Last night my sister-in-law sent me some new pictures of my grandnephews and grandniece. Ain’t nothin’ more beautiful than them.

I just got back from Key West, my brain is overloaded with beautiful things, but a few of them really stand out. A gorgeous, perfect orchid growing out of the crook of a tree, incredible sunrises and sunsets, a bunch of people stopping traffic on Duval Street to reunite a family of chickens, and most of all, my friends (none of whom had never been there, and all of whom badly needed a vacation) happy and loving it.

My daughter, my boyfriend, and my cats all looked pretty damned good when I got home, too. :slight_smile:

My sleeping kids, especially the way my son’s long and thick eyelashes fan out onto the swell of his chubby cheeks.

I had to drive to Urbino this morning for a court case. The gorgeous rolling hills, spring - green, were a sight to be seen.

Those videos that were posted in the A-10 thread the other day.

I was walking out the water after an inspection dive on Saturday at the lake and startled a Copperhead. It swam right past me. Luckily it’s mouth was already occupied by the fish it had. Otherwise the beautiful thing might have bit me.

I was at the beach with my wife and four year old granddaughter last Sunday. Around sunset, my wife and I saw four dolphins feeding about 50 yards offshore, leaping in perfect tandem. When my wife and I pointed them out to our granddaughter, she stared motionless in amazement for about 10 minutes – and this is a litle girl who has a hard time sitting still for anything. The combination of my granddaughter’s wonder, the dolphins, the ocean, and the sunset was so beautiful I could have cried. This is why I moved to Florida.