What is the most comfortable (men's) walking shoe that you know of?

Hi. I am looking for a super comfortable walking shoe. Right now I have walking shoes by New Balance and for me, they suck. The heel is enormous and clunky, it is like walking on a rock. I think they are trying to correct or “stabilize” the way you walk but for me it just hurts. So I am not interested in shoes that are about “stability” or “motion control.”

I have a high arch and I am interested in mega, awesome cushioning.

Anyway, if you know of a super comfortable, “walking on air,” men’s walking shoe, please tell me about them. Thanks!

Same as for running, if you have a high arch, the last thing you need is “motion-control” or “stability”.

Usually shoes for high arches are built on a curved last.

I’ve been wearing Rockport World Tours for a long time. I do a lot of walking in the city (used to do 2 miles to and from work, etc.) and they’ve been great. They used to make them waterproof but I don’t think they do anymore.

FWIW, I have comically flat, wide feet, and New Balance is about the only brand of shoe I can tolerate. I’d think they’d be terrible for someone with high arches.

Upper end Clarks are generally regarded as good walking shoes. You may also want to consider a low cut pair of hiking boots.

You may also want to look at various insole replacements like Spenco and Superfeet etc that give a more positive arch. Also look at some premium well cushioned socks like Keen, Smartwoolor Goodhew socks . Cotton gym socks are the worst for walking. Be forewarned that both premium insoles and premium socks can be quite expensive.

I just go to a cheap local shoe chain, and they have black lace-up shoes that are pretty much okay as work shoes, but are also comfy enough for walking shoes. I’ve gone miles and miles in 'em; they feel great.

(Is it okay under SDMB rules to name the store and the kind of shoe?)

Anyway, a chain in every shopping center here in southern California, and under $30, and they make me happy!


I had a lot of trouble getting over the hurdle of paying $200 for a pair of shoes. But that was in 2007. I’ve worn them almost every single day since then. I’ve walked thousands of miles on two continents. And they still look almost new, and are so comfortable that I don’t bother to take them off when I get home.

I recently learned that they’re Rick Steves’ choice, for the same reasons.

The wife and I use Nike or Adidas for walking shoes. We were in the main Adidas shop in Manhattan in April, and the wife carefully explained what she was looking for in a walking shoe. The clerk was very knowledgable and set her up with a great pair for about $120. She also got a good pair of Nikes at their outlet. The clerks were all very conscientious and worked with her. Talk to the clerks.

Same for me at the Macy’s in Washington. I picked up a great pair of Nikes for $50. The clerk really knew his stuff. I wear them all the time over here.

Which model?

The box says Ecco Track IV Lo. I think it may be a discontinued style, though, as it’s definitely a shoe and not a boot.

I would say Mephisto (France)…but they are $250 and up. Ecco shoes are good-but do NOT get the ones with natural rubber soles-they disintegrate if yo wear them on carpets that are commercially cleaned (something in the carpet cleaner dissolves the soles).

Same here but mine were boots and they were half price.

I use them as work boots, outdoors with lots of walking over various terrain and they are by far the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned and I’ve gone through a lot.

You can find them barely used on ebay etc for $40 or so.

A lot of people get shoes, wear them once, throw them in the closet then sell them a year later or more on ebay etc.

Basically if the base price isn’t around $100+, you’re not getting good walking shoes. But, you dont have to pay that much, shop for them.

As astro sez, Clarks are good, too, but their desert boots are not for all day walking.

I’d suggest finding a postal uniform store and trying something by Thorogood. I wore the same model through about the last fifteen years of my mailman career and found them comfortable and durable. I walked between eight and twelve miles a day in them.
They look like “normal” shoes rather than like athletic shoes…black leather without the broad heel common in modern running shoes.
They’re American made, if that’s important to you.

I have the same problem as you, I have high arched feet. I normally go to Macy’s to buy my shoes, so you should check them out.

You are unlikely to find good advice in this thread. Go to a real running/walking shoe shop in your area. Not a chain sporting goods store, but a small, probably locally-owned, shoe shop with a focus on athletic shoes. There you will find employees who actually know which shoes suit which feet and will happily help you find exactly what you need. You probably won’t get what you need for $30, but your feet will thank you.

Anecdotally, my NB 890RW are the most comfortable athletic shoes I’ve ever owned.

I’m a big fan of my Merrell moccasins.

High-top Converse All-Stars from Foot Locker?

I had a pair of hiking boots by Lowa that were as comfy as having pillows wrapped around my feet, except with excellent traction. I could tramp around in them all day without so much as a blister.

If the shoe fits you, it will be more comfortable regardless of cush. Have you thought of Birkenstock or other orthopedic shoes? They have firm arch support and now offer a higher arch option. I have permanent foot problems and this is the only shoe I can wear.