What is the most ideal, highest form of love?

We know that 43 says heterosexuality is the ideal.

In the Passion of Christ, Jesus tells the disciples, “dying for your friends is the highest love there is.”

What do you think is the highest form of love?

Of course, a lot depends on the situation, since you probably love your parents deeply but you wouldn’t have sex with them (probably).

But I do think the must sublime type of love involves sex, helps someone other than the lover to improve themselves, and I’m not sure what else. Help me here…

Um…I may be wrong, but most of the time when people have sex they enjoy it and live through the experience. I have a preoccupying (sp?) fear of death…Woody Allen style, so I would not be the first person in line to put my life in jeopardy for another.

To me, the ultimate expression of love is when you are willing to sacrifice yourself willingly to save the life of another. I’m not a parent yet, so those insticts haven’t kicked in for me…but, I can truly say that I would definately put my life on the line for my husband if need be (as long as I were just bungee jumping or something). :slight_smile:

Just kidding, baby…

Doing the best for the other person, regardless of the cost (to you or them).
Examples: faling on the hand grenade, the real passion of the Christ, amputating your friend’s leg to get them to safety, allowing your child to go through a painful operation which will improve/save their life, helping some one who can’t pay you back, etc…

The love for your children transcends all others. It is pure, animal instinct to do everything in your power to protect them, and if that requires your life, so be it.

Love in a general sense is desiring the good for one another. (Like falling on grenades for each other.) This kind of love occurs between friends, family members and couples. Romantic love is a leap. It means baring your soul (or most of it), risking being hurt or betrayed, (if I have one child and then have another this is not betrayal, if I cheat on my lover…). It is a physical, emotional and/ or intellectual attraction, chemistry or the feeling that your lover is your soulmate. Sex is only one expression of romantic love. It can be expressed through the many thoughtful things you do or say day in, day out.

Romantic love can be explained as a set of culturally driven responses and biochemical processes, but for most, it is simply a mystery.

The love for a child (and for a spouse) is an emotional investment in the future. Even when the child is in the womb, the parents decorate the nursery and think about college funds. In the case of spouses the future planned together may involve children and eventual retirement.

I don’t know that mother/fatherlove for a child transcends romantic love and attachment between between lovers and spouses. I’m not even sure whether the emotions for one kind of love or the other are stronger. It is like comparing apples and oranges. Romantic love is difficult to maintain, whereas the love for a child seems to come naturally. However, even in the most acrimonious break-up, if you look at the motivations of the former spouses motivations, you’ll find love at the core. In all honesty I’d have to say that my love for my ex (who I have no intention of taking back) is only ‘mostly dead’.

Now I’m really babbling. ‘I really don’t know love at all’ (Joni Mitchell).


How can you compare one love to another, it’s such a personal experience, so different for each individual.
Some people will love their kids above all else, others their spouse, some people will never care for another more than themselves. There are others again who will put their lives on the line for a stranger without a second thought.

Every time we “fall in love” it is a very different experience because of the personalities involved. It took me over 40 years to work out what loving someone and being loved in return was really all about.

Eros, Agape, and Philia

Well, I’m pretty fond of beer…

No, but seriously, for me it would have to be the love I have for my son.

It’s a trip loving someone MORE than you love yoursef.

You are so right.

I’d also add that there is loving another and also allowing oneself to be loved.

What a wonderful admission. Loving is understood through living and having relationships. This understanding comes easily so some moreso than others.

Well, it’s not Courtney Love, that’s for damn sure.

I am only 4 months pregnant, and I already love my baby more than any words could describe. It’s such a protective, sacrificing love that, it’s beyond words.